8b. Presentation

ILA Maritime High School

Item No. 8b_supp
Maritime High School     Meeting Date: May 23, 2023
Interlocal Agreement with
Highline Public Schools

Presentation to the Port of Seattle Commission
May 23, 2023

    How will funding be used?
●   Instructional Design
●   Community Engagement
●   Increased Visibility of Maritime Careers
●   Partnership Development
●   Family & Student Engagement
What is the deliverable?
●   Annual Report to include demographics, number of students
trained, recruited, and any other tangible benefits

    What and how will students learn?
Vessel Ops 101: Into to Voyage Planning & S
Integrated Projects taking students into the field
•  Vessel Ops 101: Into to Voyage Planning & Systems
•  What Makes a Community?
•  Marine Resources & Research 101: Observing &
Identifying, Designing & Implementing Experimental
•  Vessel Design & Construction 101
•  Vessels & Voyages
•  Marine Construction
•  Vessel Ops 101: Intersection of Voyage Planning and
Marine Research
•  Marine Resources & Research 101: Water Quality

2  Port of Seattle Commission Presentation

   How do we know what students are learning?
Development of the Mastery Transcript
•  Credit Architecture
•  Evidence Guidelines
•  Student and Teacher conferencing

4  Port of Seattle Commission Presentation

    Enrollment and Engagement
•   80 students enrolled in 2022-2023 school year
o  50% are students of color
•   Community Engagement
o  15 Middle School day excursions with Salish Sea Expeditions
o  Half-day field trips for 8th graders to MHS for Remote Operative Vehicle (ROV)
learning experience
•   Partnership Development
o  Network of 40 mentors engage students
o  Sea Potential supporting professional development on mentoring

5  Port of Seattle Commission Presentation

     How will we hold ourselves accountable?
● Yearlong planning to ensure all standards are met
● Regular review and adjustments based on analysis of student learning
● Regular reporting to Highline Public Schools Board of Directors
● Regular reporting to the Maritime High School Advisory Board
● An ongoing and unrelenting commitment to all our students, their
families, and community

6  Port of Seattle Commission Presentation


Thank you!
7  Port of Seattle Commission Presentation


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