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5/9/23, 10:02 AM

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Iris Antman 
Tue 5/9/2023 9:29 AM

To: Commission-Public-Records 
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Dear Port folks,
I’ll be delivering my comments on Zoom at the meeting.
This is a written copy for Port records.
Thank you,
Good afternoon Commissioners and staff, my name is Iris Antman, my subject is the increasing harms of
In a recent blog post a Port Commissioner reduced the complexity of addressing the climate crisis to a
simplistic either/or equation using phrases that tend to scare and anger people who are called upon to
change some of their behaviors, and at the same time suggest people in developing countries will be
adversely impacted by choices residents in the States make to live in a more sustainable way.
Once again the facts that contradict 1. the current cruise paradigm of expansion with more cruise, more
tourists, more flights, and 2. the capitalist orthodoxy of growth forever, are ignored. Denial of these
realities are counter to the mainstream business as usual model, but that doesn’t make them not true.
Continuing the present course is hastening and heralding the demise of our species and so many
others. Believing that the tools and technologies that have brought us to this point are the same ones
that will help us mitigate the climate crisis is hubris of the highest order.
Yes, of course we need technology and bright creative minds to develop, design and manufacture clean
energy systems for housing, transportation, and so many other things. But we need a new way of
thinking and understanding our place in the world. We are connected with all other beings. We are on a
finite planet, there cannot be infinite growth. This is common sense.
It’s time to reduce the number of cruises until we have a CruiseFree Salish Sea. Seriously, consider this
concept, dream about it - and set your sights on creating sustainable businesses and jobs here at the
Port. Cruising is no longer an ethical or viable option.
Thank you.



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