10c. Presentation

SAMP Update and Budget Increase

Item No.10c supp
Meeting Date: June 27, 2023
Sustainable Airport Master Plan
Near-Term Projects Environmental Review
Update and Budget Request

           Sustainable Airport Master Plan
Near-Term Projects
• Additional passenger processing facilities and gates to accommodate
projected 56 Million Annual Passengers (MAP) at an optimal Level of
• Additional cargo facilities to accommodate projected cargo demand
• Airfield infrastructure modifications to meet current Federal Aviation
Administration airport design standards
• Improvements to enhance the efficiency of the overall taxiway layout
• Additional fuel storage facilities to meet projected demand and the
Port’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel initiative

                Near-Term Projects
Undergoing Environmental Review


         Environmental review analysis based on
constrained growth scenarios
Proposed Action
Constrained Scenario
No Action
Constrained Scenario


               Updated Schedule
NEPA EA Final Document
& Decision          SEPA EIS Final
(Early Q2 2025)        Document &
(Q4 2025)
2024                                  2025                                  2026
NEPA EA Agency &  SEPA EIS Agency &
Public Review
Existing                       Impact                                Public Review
Condition                   Analysis                              Complete
(Q1 2025)
Draft                        Draft                               (Mid Q3 2025)
Sections                    Sections
(Aug. 2023)                 (June 2024)               SEPA EIS Draft Document
NEPA EA Draft        Agency and Public
Document        Comment Period
= Key milestones                                     Agency and Public        (Late Q2 2025)
= Agency and Public Comment Period                 Comment Period
(Q4 2024)


             Budget Increase Justification
• Schedule extension to update and complete analysis and
• Factors requiring extended schedule
– COVID-19 pandemic
– Change in opening year of Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP)
Near-Term Projects (NTP); from 2027, now 2032
– Update of aviation demand forecasts
– Update of technical analysis due to delay and new NTP opening year



Authorization                                        To ta l
Previous authorization (11/10/2015)             $3,000,000
Previous authorization (2/25/2020)               $3,400,000
Current request for authorization                 $2,350,000
Total authorizations, including this request        $8,750,000



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