8f. Presentation

VFD Replacement Phase Design Authorization

Item No. 8f_supp
Meeting Date: June 27, 2023
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Replacement Phase-2
C800978 | N06567
Tyler Salisbury
Item No. XX
June 27, 2023

                      Project Scope
Replacement of the oldest and obsolete VFDs that are beyond their useful lives.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is an energy conservation device that modulates the
HVAC fans, pumps, cooling towers, etc. and allows for better occupancy comfort.


                  Project Justification
•     The VFDs are obsolete and are no longer supported by the manufacturer.
•     Failure of a VFD will cause HVAC or plumbing system to become non-operational,
resulting in loss of ventilation air flow, temperature control, or water flow.
•     Manual HVAC control (VFD failure) will result in poor passenger comfort and
increased energy consumption, as well as security issues if building pressurization
affects door operation.
•     The VFDs with the highest risk of failure have been prioritized for this project.
•     VFDs save energy by modulating motor speeds to meet real-time demand.


2022    2023    2024    2025   2026
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3
PLANNING                       Cx Design


Cx Construction       Substantial Completion

Description                                   Original Budget  New Budget      Total Change
(Status 2)

Major Construction Direct Costs                 $1,175,000       $3,441,268       $2,266,268

Other Direct Costs & Construction Contingency  $1,798,000       $3,479,000       $1,681,000

PMG & Other Soft Costs                       $1,327,000      $2,616,000       $1,289,000

Project Contingency                            -                 $954,000         $954,000

Total Estimated Cost                            $4,300,000       $10,490,268      $6,190,268

Total: $10,490,268 – Rnd $10.5M

             Requested Authorization
Authorization                          Project Phase           Amount

Previous Authorizations                  Notebook                $115,000

Current request for Authorization         Design                   $2,500,000

Total authorizations, including this        Notebook + Design        $2,615,000

Remaining amount to be authorized      Construction + Closeout  $7,875,268

Total: $10,490,268 – Rnd $10.5M

Risk                      Impact  Probability                  Mitigation Plan
VFDs to be replaced have been                                   Risk will be accepted and monitored to avoid any
approximated to 70, final count and                                delay to the schedule. Increased overall project
selection might change based on the                              contingency to 10% along with increasing design
requirement and design criteria. The project                        development allowances to mitigate this risk. The
will aim to finish within budget even if the                            project team (PM, F&I) along with the design
count varies.                                                         team is responsible to finalize the selection and
count of VFDs.

16 weeks lead time to delivery for required                          Owner Furnished Equipment approach was
matrix industrial drives (VFDs) in 2023 which                        initially planned during Acquisitions Planning
was 54 weeks in 2022.                                            meeting in October 2022. Since the lead times for
VFDs are trending to reduce, Owner Furnished
Equipment was rescinded during Acquisitions
Planning meeting in May 2023.


                  Cone of Certainty
W e are here


• Commission authorization for $2,500,000 to prepare design
and construction bid documents.
• Approval to increase the project budget to a total estimated





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