8d. Presentation

N14 and N15 Design Bid Procurement

Item No.        8d_supp
Date of Meeting      August 8, 2023
N14 Wide-Body and N15 Narrow-Body
Common Use Gates (C801333)
Final Design and Long-Lead Material Procurement

            Project Purpose & Justification
• Convert Gate N14 to be used for Wide-Body aircraft operations
including international departures
• Improve Wide-Body aircraft flexibility for Gate N16 through the
addition of a starboard fuel hydrant pit (FHP) and associated
infrastructure improvements
• Necessary to meet current airport demand
• Help mitigate the impacts of Wide-Body aircraft gate outages
during planned construction projects

                  Project Location

[ ]


                   Requested Action
Authorize $3,875,000 for final design, preparation of construction
bid documents, and the procurement of long-lead material items
for the N14 Wide Body and N15 Narrow Body Common-Use Gates
at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
Total request for this action is $3,875,000 for a total
authorization of $4,170,000.


                      Project Scope
• Phase 1
– Pavement reconstruction
and markings (between
Gate N13 and N14).
– High mast lighting for WB
operations (Gate N14).
– SafeDock unit for WB
operations (Gate N14).


                       Project Scope
• Phase 2 – Gates N14 and N15
– Apron pavement reconstruction
and markings.
– SafeDock unit for WB operations
(Gate N14).
– Pre-conditioned air unit for
WB operations (Gate N14).
– 400 Hz power for WB operations
(Gate N14).
– Fuel hydrant pits and
infrastructure for WB operations
(Gate N14).

                      Project Scope
• Phase 3 – Gate N16
– Apron pavement
reconstruction and markings.
– High mast lighting for WB
operations (Gate N16).
– Fuel hydrant pit and
infrastructure for WB


                   Project Cost and Schedule
Cost Breakdown          This Request  To tal Project
Design                           $1,375,000     $1,670,000
Construction                       $2,500,000     $7,710,500
Total                               $3,875,000     $9,380,500
We are here
Final Design Start:        Q3 2023
Construction Start:       Q3 2024
Project in Use:           Q4 2024



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