Port of Seattle Commission

September 7, 2023 – 9:00 a.m.
To be held in person at the Port of Seattle Headquarters
Building – Commission Chambers, Pier 69, 2711 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington.
You may view the full meeting live at
To listen live from a remote location, call in at: +1 (425) 660-9954 or (833) 209-2690 and Conference ID 547 062 657#
Committee members:
Commissioner Hamdi Mohamed, Chair
Commissioner Sam Cho, Member
Committee Public Member Sarah Holmstrom

Also attending:
Glenn Fernandes, Internal Audit Director
Aaron Pritchard, Chief of Staff, Commission Services
Michelle Hart, Commission Clerk
Aubree Payne, Deputy Commission Clerk

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Minutes – June 30, 2023 (attached)
External Audits
3. Office of Washington State Auditor – 2022 Accountability Audit Opening (Report and Presentation)
Joseph Simmons, Program Manager; Maddie Frost-Shaffer, Assistant Audit Manager
Updates and Approval (Glenn Fernandes, Director, Internal Audit) (Presentation Items 4 – 8 and 12)
4. APPROVAL of 2024 Proposed Budget
5. Open Issue Status
6. 2023 Audit Plan Update
Performance Audits (Glenn Fernandes, Director, Internal Audit; Spencer Bright, Manager, Internal
Audit – Capital; Debbie Townsend, R.L. Townsend & Associates LLC; Patricia Farrell-Shear, R.L.
Townsend & Associates LLC)
7. C Concourse Expansion Project (Pre-Construction) (Report)
8. Main Terminal Low Voltage System Upgrade Project (Pre-Construction) (Report)
Information Technology Audits1 (Glenn Fernandes, Director, Internal Audit; Ritika Marwaha,
Manager, Internal Audit - IT)
9. Performance Audit - Port-wide Payroll Controls (Carry-over IT issue only)2
10. Email and Web Browser Protections (ICT and AVM)
11. Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Technical Audit Summary Report3
Limited Contract Compliance Audits (Glenn Fernandes, Director, Internal Audit)
12. Louis Dreyfus Company Washington LLC (Report)
Concluding Business
13. Committee Comments
14. Adjournment


Information Technology audits are security sensitive and are not discussed in public meetings; all or part of the audit reports may
be exempt from public records disclosure under RCW 42.56.420.
The performance audit was presented at the June 30, 2023, Audit Committee meeting - Public Session with the exception of this
Security Sensitive, IT related issue. Since we did not hold a Non-public Session at that time, the issue has been carried over to this
Non-public Session.
This audit was performed by the Washington State Patrol. Internal Audit provides a summary report to the Audit Committee.

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