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02 SCORE Public Safety Funding 2023 2026

(Amending Exhibit A: Fees and Charges and Services. Amending Housing Agreement: Section 7.) 

dated ________________, is made and entered into by and between the South Correctional Entity, a
governmental administrative agency formed pursuant to RCW 39.34.030(3) (“SCORE”) and
____________, a [municipal corporation] organized under the laws of the  State of Washington
(hereinafter the “Contract Agency” together with SCORE, the “Parties” or individually a “Party”). 
WHEREAS, the Parties previously entered into an Interlocal Agreement for Inmate Housing dated
______________, as amended and as may be further amended from time to time (the “Original
Agreement”) pursuant to which SCORE provides housing, care and custody of Contract Agency inmates
housed at the SCORE consolidated correctional facility located in the City of Des Moines (the “SCORE
Facility”); and 
WHEREAS, the Parties now desire to amend Exhibit A to the Original Agreement (as amended by
this Amendment, the “Agreement”) with regard to fees and charges for such services as provided herein; 
Section 1.      Definitions. Terms not otherwise defined herein (including in the recitals, which
are incorporated herein by this reference) shall have the meanings set forth in the Original Agreement. 
Section 2.      Amendment.
(1)      Amendment to Exhibit A. Daily Housing Rates, Daily Rate Surcharges, Booking Fee, and
Transport Fee in Exhibit A to the Original Agreement are hereby replaced in their entirety
as follows:
Daily Housing Rates
General Population – Guaranteed Beds         $142.58        No. of Beds: _____ 
General Population – Non-Guaranteed Beds     $204.97 
Daily Rate Surcharges: 
Mental Health – Residential Beds               $163.77 
Medical – Acute Beds                          $223.51 
Mental Health – Acute Beds                    $286.34 
Booking Fee                                  $65.00
Transport/Security Fee                         $85.00/hr. 
Daily Rate Surcharges are in addition to the daily bed rates and subject to bed availability.
The Booking Fee will be charged to the jurisdiction responsible for housing the inmate.
Fees, charges, and services will be annually adjusted each January 1st. 

South Correctional Entity (SCORE) Housing Agreement and 2024 Rate Amendment 
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                           (2)      Amendment to the Housing Agreement. Section 7 – Healthcare. following language has
been removed from the original housing agreement: 
a)   Paragraph 2 "Contract Agency Inmates shall be responsible for co-payment for health
services according to SCORE policy. The Contract Agency shall not be responsible to
SCORE for Contract Agency Inmate co-payments. No Contract Agency Inmate shall
be denied necessary health care because of an inability to pay for health services." 
b)  Paragraph 4 "Except to the extent that a Contract Agency Inmate can pay pursuant
to Section 5.B,". 
Section 3.       Effective Date of Amendment. The amendments to rates and charges set forth
in Section 2 hereof shall become effective on January 1, 2024 at 12:01 a.m. 
Section 4.       Entire  Agreement.   Except  as  hereby  amended  by  this  Amendment,  the
remaining terms and conditions of the Original Agreement are hereby ratified and confirmed in all
Section 5.       Severability. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision hereof as to any
one or more jurisdictions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the balance of the Agreement as
to such jurisdiction or jurisdictions, or affect in any way such validity or enforceability as to any other
Section 6.       Headings. The captions in this Amendment are for convenience of reference only
and shall not define or limit the provisions hereof. 
Section 7.       Execution. This Agreement shall be executed the Parties hereto by their duly
authorized representative. This Amendment may be executed in one or more counterparts. 

Signature                                              Signature 
Title/Name Executive Director Devon Schrum _____    Title/Name:______________________________ 
NOTICE ADDRESS:                                 NOTICE ADDRESS: 
20817 17th Avenue South 
Des Moines, WA 98198 
Attention: Devon Schrum 
Email: dschrum@scorejail.org 
Telephone: 206-257-6262 

South Correctional Entity (SCORE) Housing Agreement and 2024 Rate Amendment 
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                                                                   South Correctional Entity (SCORE) Housing Agreement and 2024 Rate Amendment 
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