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11/13/23, 1:42 PM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] Comment for November 14 Meeting
George Abbott 
Mon 11/13/2023 1:26 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records  
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.
As the President and CEO of the 106-year-old Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc., headquartered in Sea le, a frequent
traveler through SeaTac Interna onal Airport who is totally blind, and as a rela vely new member of the
Accessibility Advisory Council, I applaud the though ul efforts of the Port of Sea le and SEA staff dedicated to
embracing equity and inclusion of visitors and residents with disabili es who use the airport and all port facili es.
I urge con nued support for the Accessibility Advisory Council and for the Accessibility Order. I am proud to be
associated with an organiza on commi ed to ensuring a posi ve experience for travelers with disabili es. From
the flower lanyards, to sensory spaces, to accessible pick-up/drop-off loca ons, SEA is leading the way in providing
innova ve, specialized services that truly allow individuals with disabili es and families traveling with individuals
who have a disability, to feel comfortable and know they are valued.
Respec ully,
George Abbott
President and CEO
The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
Phone: (206) 436-2121
E-mail: gabbott@LHBlind.org | www.LHBlind.org
Our Mission: We empower people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities by creating
diverse, sustainable, and meaningful employment opportunities.

https://outlook.office.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjOGU1…   1/1


11/10/23, 3:00 PM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] November 14th Meeting Comment
Kimber Behrends 
Fri 11/10/2023 12:42 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records  
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.
I am writing to support the commission accessibility order for the Port of Seattle to continue to lead
the way in developing the Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA) as the most accessible airport in the nation.
The work that SEA has been doing to become the most accessible and inclusive airport has made a
positive impact in the community and has helped make people feel more comfortable traveling
through Seattle.
It is important to continue the commitment to construct and operate SEA as one of the most
accessible airports in the nation.
Thank you,
Kimber Behrends
Kimber Behrends (she/her) | Community Outreach Manager - King County
Alzheimer's Association, Washington State Chapter
Phone: 206.529.3865 | kibehrends@alz.org | www.alzwa.org 
Online Educational WebinarsPresented by the Alzheimer's 

The health and safety of our constituents, volunteers and staff remain our driver as we address the COVID-19 outbreak
and as we continue to pursue our mission, today and in the longer term. The Alzheimer’s Association is available to you
24/7 for around-the-clock care and support at 800-272-3900. Learn more.

https://outlook.office.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjOGU1…   1/1

11/13/23, 8:54 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] Public Comment from Ryan Fox (SEA) for November 14 Meeting
Ryan Fox 
Sun 11/12/2023 7:23 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records  
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.

I am a member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. You
may have heard my voice on the overhead announcements at the airport welcoming special travelers and
talking about the FlySEA app. It was an honor to record that. Many friends, family members, and
colleagues have told me they’ve heard the announcement.
I fly in and out of SEA quite often to perform with orchestras in other cities. My journeys give me
insights into how our airport differs from a number of others. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done
regarding signage, comfort areas, the sunflower lanyard program, and other projects and features that
make SEA special. It is proactive, intentional, and groundbreaking work under the leadership of Ms.
Chelsea Rodriguez and others. I look forward to continuing to contribute my effort and ideas in any way I
can to help it be a great airport for all.
Soon, as commissioners you will be considering an Accessibility Order, as well as considering unveiling
the new SEA Access program. Thank you for your attention to these matters. It has been a fun
collaboration working on these. As a person with autism, I understand how travel can impact people in
different ways than you might think. Sensory overload and communication challenges impact my travel
experience. I am also an ambassador for the DO-IT program at UW, so I have familiarity with many
different disabilities beyond my own, and I can affirm how important it is that SEA provide support for a
wide variety of travelers to make their way through the airport efficiently and in comfort. Thank you for
your continuing efforts to create a wonderful space for air travelers!
Ryan Fox
Member, Accessibility Advisory Committee

https://outlook.office.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjOGU1…   1/1


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