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Testing and Maintenance SeaTac Airport and Maritime Facilities

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Meeting Date: January 9, 2024

Diversity In Contracting 
Women & Minority Business Enterprises (WMBE)
Availability Analysis Worksheet
Required for all Category II and Category III contracts. Please save the form and send via e‐mail to: wmbecompliance@portseattle.org
*Major Construction Projects: View the WMBE Determination Proceedures on the CONSTRUCTION tab below.
Note: Please allow (7) days processing time from date received (provided all columns are completed properly).
Contract Name:                                  Phone:       206‐346‐9658    Submittal Date: 10/19/2023
Project Mgr: Angie Schmitke               Construction Mgr:                     Department: Maintenance
Contract Administrator:                                 Industry: Goods & Servuces             Type:         Bid
RFP/Q or Bid #:                       TBD                Total Estimated Project Cost:            $37,000,000.00

List all scopes of work that can be                                     Diversity in Contracting Department Use Only
List NAICS Number and Description          subcontracted           Est. Dollar Value     % of Total Project                    Vendor
(Provide a breakout of the work where subcontracting                                      OMWBE
Connect    Percent
opportunities are anticipated).                                           Availability
Prevenative Maintenance; Furnashing
of supplies, materials, parts, labor,
tools, scaffolding, machinery, hoists,
lubricants, and technical information
and licenses. Be the primary
administrator of all Washington State
L&I communications and reporting.
Have on stock commonly used repair
parts to provide timely preventative
238290: Elevator Installation                                        $37,000,000         100.00%           1       10

Diversity in Contracting Department Use Only                                               Total              Total
Total Est. Value      Total % of Project                   Total PRMS              Total
OMWBE           Percentage
TOTAL(S)   $37,000,000.00        100.00%              1       10    10% $3,700,000.00
$37,000,000.00 over the course of 7 years. This would include Airport as well as Maritime facilities. It does not include the rental car facility 
or Air Cargo facilties. 
Please return this document to EDD (Diversity in Contracting WMBE Program) via email to wmbecompliance@portseattle.org
A signed PDF copy of this form will be returned to you via e‐mail.
Contact Lawrence Coleman(206) 787‐6962 or Tina Boyd (206) 787‐3455 for additional information.
EDD Diversity in Contracting Department Use Only
Divesity in Contracting                      WMBE Totals                                        Comments
% of Total Project or IDIQ No. of Firms
WMBE Aspirational Goal                       The contract is not feasible for subcontracting not does there appear to be a 
No WMBE                                                        suffiencit number of WMBE firms with the scope. We are asking the prime to 
prioritize reaching out to WMBE suppliers when possible. 

Lawrence Coleman                                                             10/23/2023
Diversity in Contracting Department Representative                               Date

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