8b. Presentation

Resolution Establishing Governance Standing Committee

Agenda Item: 8b_supp
Meeting Date: January 23, 2024
Adopting a Governance Standing Committee
January 23, 2024

          Governance Committee Charter 
• Purpose
– Established to assist the Commission in creating, updating, and
monitoring the Commission’s governance policies, procedures, and
directives; and items of interest that are specifically related to the
business governance operations of the Commission.
• Scope
– Reviews and Makes Recommendations Re: Commission Bylaws and
Rules of Procedure Policy Directive; Other Commission Policy and
Procedure including Ethics Code and DORA.


          Governance Committee Charter 
• Scope
– Succession Planning - Long-term succession planning for Executive
Director in concert with Executive Director and HR Director.
– Annual Work Plan – for the Committee, as needed.
– Periodic Review of the Governance Committee Charter, duties, and
responsibilities of this committee.


          Governance Committee Charter
• Composition
– 2 Commissioners (The currently seated president and past-president
for any given respective year of committee operation.)
• Meetings
– The committee meets as-needed to conduct its work.





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