10d. Order

Establishment of the Responsible Tourism Committee

Item No: 10d_order
Mee�ng Date: March 26, 2024

ORDER NO. 2024-05
…to establish the Responsible Tourism Committee as a Port
of Seattle Commission special committee.
MARCH 26, 2024
The second goal of the Century Agenda is to, “advance this region as a leading tourism destination
and business gateway.” While the three objectives identified to achieve that goal currently only
pertain to improving airport capacity, the Port of Seattle is increasingly committed to advancing
Responsible Tourism practices that expand the awareness and opportunities for travelers to
experience destinations in Washington that benefit the economy while helping to minimize the
negative impacts on communities and the environment.
Some of the initiatives the Port of Seattle has taken to advance sustainable/responsible tourism
have included co-hosting the inaugural Responsible Outdoor Travel Summit with Washington
State Tourism, Statewide tourism grants increasingly emphasizing such programs and the
publication of the Responsible Tourism Handbook. The Port continues to seek opportunities to
serve on external committees and collaborate with communities and marketing organizations to
advance ideas that contribute to stewardship-driven tourism programs.
Establishing a Responsible Tourism special committee will create an opportunity for
Commissioners to provide oversight and engagement with staff that advance the Port’s growing
commitment to support responsible tourism practices.
The Port of Seattle Commission hereby establishes the Responsible Tourism special committee.
The Committee shall provide oversight, information, advice, and recommendations to the full
Commission and executive director regarding Port-driven efforts to support sustainable tourism
programs as part of our mission to advance economic development in fulfillment of the Port’s
Century Agenda goals.
Upon passage of this Order, the Committee will exist until such time the Commission finds it no
longer of value or is established as a permanent committee. The special committee membership
shall consist of Commissioner Fred Felleman and Commission President Hamdi Mohamed.

The Committee shall afford opportunities for Commissioners to be kept informed and provide
feedback on initiatives led by staff from the Economic Development Department and the Office
of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and to seek feedback and review from Port staff regarding
initiatives being undertaken in external committees on which Commissioners serve. The special
committee will:
1. Monitor state level efforts to advance responsible tourism and contribute suggestions for
inclusion in the Washington State Tourism Responsible Outdoor Travel Summit.
2. Oversee initiation and review progress of the Snoqualmie Responsible Tourism project
and make recommendations for future programming based on lessons learned from using
destination assessment and management tools.
3. Provide updates on the work of external committees, including the US Department of
Commerce Travel and Tourism Advisory Council (TTAB), the Pacific NW Economic Region
(PNWER) Tourism Committee, and Visit Seattle.
4. Monitor and provide input towards preparations for the significant increase in tourism
for the FIFA World Cup in June/July of 2026.
5. Provide recommendations to the Seattle Port Commission on potential updates to the
Century Agenda regarding tourism.
6. Provide recommendations to the Commission for the potential need to continue the work
of the Committee.
The Tourism Director within the Port of Seattle’s Economic Development Department, or
designees, shall support the special committee as the primary executive staff contacts. The role
of the executive staff contacts shall be to inform the Committee about progress on these topics,
support the Committee with timely and responsive information, coordinate with other executive
staff in support of the Committee’s work, and serve as a resource for Committee deliberation.
The Port of Seattle recognizes the rich but fragile natural and cultural resources within the region
that draws visitors from around the world. Fostering sustainable, stewardship-driven responsible
tourism practices is essential to preserving the environment and community support, while also
driving future economic growth, engendering an environmental ethic and cultural exchange in
the region.
Establishing a Responsible Tourism special committee will create the opportunity for
Commissioners to collaborate in the development of strategies, policies, and initiatives that
prioritize environmental conservation, community engagement, and the promotion of
responsible travel practices that will help ensure the Port of Seattle addresses its Century Agenda
goals and commitments to local communities and environment. There are currently no
Commission-led committees that addresses tourism.

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