Port of Seattle
Commission           Port of Seattle 
Commission Chambers 
P69, 2711 Alaskan Way 
Bill Bryant                 Seattle, WA 98111 
John Creighton 
Patricia Davis              REGULAR MEETING 
Lloyd Hara 
Gael Tarleton             Date: May 12, 2009 
Chief Executive Officer      ORDER OF BUSINESS 
Tay Yoshitani                   12:00 p.m.  1.  Call to Order 
Recess to: 
Web site:                            2.  Executive Session, if necessary*              1:00 p.m.     Call to Order or reconvene to Open Public Session 
3.  Approval of Minutes 
E-mail:                                  4.  Special Order of Business 
Commission-records                   5.  Unanimous Consent Calendar**                        6.  Division, Corporate and Commission Action Items 
7.  Staff Briefings 
Port Commission                        8.  New Business 
(206) 728-3034                          9.  Policy Roundtables 
Meeting and Agenda                     10. Adjournment 
(206) 728-3222           1.  CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 
Port of Seattle: 
2.  EXECUTIVE SESSION* - Pursuant to RCW 42.30.110, if necessary. 
Creating Economic 
Vitality Here 
Business Strategies 
Approval of minutes for the Special Meeting of April 21, 2009. 
for 2003-2007: 
Ensure Airport and        4.  SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS 
Seaport Vitality 
Develop New Business        a.  Recognition of Port Awards: 
and Economic                        Airport Revenue News Best Concessions Program in a Large Airport 
Opportunities for the                          Public Relations Society of America/Puget Sound Chapter Totem Award 
Region and the Port                        Police Officer of the Year 
Enhance Public                         Firefighter of the Year 
Understanding and 
Support of the Port"s         5.  UNANIMOUS CONSENT CALENDAR** 
Role in the Region 
Be a Catalyst for           Notice: There will be no separate discussion of Consent Calendar items as they are considered
Regional Transportation      routine by the Port of Seattle Commission and will be adopted by one motion. If a Commissioner or
Solutions                a member of the public requests discussion on a particular item, that item will be removed from the
Be a Leader in           Consent Calendar and considered separately 
Transportation Security 
Exhibit Environmental
* An Executive Session may be held at any time after the convening time, if necessary. 
Stewardship through 
** Unless otherwise requested by a Port Commissioner, all items under the Unanimous Consent Calendar will be considered as a 
our Actions                 single item. 
Be a High Performance     *** Cellular telephones and pagers should be off or on vibrate mode during the Public Session. 

AGENDA - Port Commission Regular Meeting, May 12, 2009                                         Page 2 
a.   Approval of outstanding Claims and Obligations for the period of April 1 through April 30, 2009, in the amount of $38,471,042.75. 
(memo enclosed) 
b.   Authorization for Chief Executive Officer to enter into an agreement with insurance brokerage firms for the purpose of procuring
property and casualty insurance for the Port at an estimated cost of $790,000 over a three-year period. The selection of the brokerage
firms will utilize a competitive process. (memo enclosed) 
c.   Authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to enter into Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for geotechnical and
underwater diving services to be used to support Seaport, Real Estate, Aviation and Capital Development Divisions Service Directives.
IDIQ contract for the services will not exceed $500,000 each for geotechnical and underwater diving contract, for a total Not to Exceed
$1,000,000. (memo enclosed) 
d.   Authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to extend the existing Main Lease of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),
represented and negotiated by the United States General Services Administration (GSA) for a total annual increase of $229,221 plus
the recovery of uncollected back rent in the amount of $396,788. (memo, attachment and lease amendment enclosed) 
e.   Authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to execute easements with the City of Seattle Department of Transportation substantially
in the form shown in Exhibit "A" for the installation and maintenance of certain equipment necessary for a Dynamic Message Sign
providing current traffic information to trucks leaving Terminal 5 at no additional cost to the Port. (memo enclosed) 
a.  Authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to enter into an agreement with SSA Terminals, LLC. (SSAT), the Terminal 30 tenant, to
reimburse certain costs associated with making its container cranes operational at Terminal 30 in an amount Not To Exceed $400,000. 
(memo enclosed) 
a.   Briefing on Financing of the Consolidated Rental Car Facility. (memo and PowerPoint enclosed) 
b.   The Terminal 91 Neighbors" Advisory Committee  2008 Annual Report. (memo enclosed) 
c.   Briefing on the proposed Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)  Port of Seattle land exchange and leases for
Aviation projects and the extension of SR-509. (memo and exhibits enclosed) 
d. Briefing on the Port"s Small Business Program and Proposed Resolution. (memo enclosed, PowerPoint enclosed) 

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AGENDA - Port Commission Regular Meeting, May 12, 2009                                         Page 3 



1.    Any person wishing to speak at a Port Commission meeting must register on a sign-up sheet and identify the specific agenda item to which he/she will speak before the
agenda item commences. 
2.    The Commission does not generally take public testimony for non-action agenda items such as "Staff Briefings" or Work Session presentations, but may do so at the
discretion of the Commission Chair. 
3.    An individual may testify on an agenda item for up to three minutes. Organization representatives may testify for up to five minutes. 
4.    Any person wishing to speak on a topic not appearing on an agenda may sign up to speak under "New Business". All testimony provided under "New Business" is limited to
three minutes. 
5.    In the interests of time, the Commission Chair may limit the number of persons speaking on any topic or may limit testimony to those having new information or material to
6.    The Commission Chair may alter the time allotments for testimony to ensure that more speakers have an opportunity to be heard. 
7.    The identity of each testifier will be noted in the meeting minutes. An individual or organization representative may have the text of his/her remarks appended to the
Commission minutes by submitting a written text at, or before, the meeting. The appended written text will be preserved permanently. 
8.    A digital audio recording of the public testimony is on file in Port offices. Digital audio recordings are retained in Port offices for six years and then transferred to State
Archives. A charge is assessed for duplication or transcription. 
9.    The Commission does not engage in discussion or debate with testifiers during commission meetings.  Questions and requests for information or documents may be
addressed to Port staff or to individual Commissioners outside of Commission meetings. (Revised September 14, 2007)

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