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Date of Meeting:  August 25, 2009 
TODAY'S BRIEFING FOR August 25, 2009 
Current Progress since Last Update: 
RCF  Construction Progress: 
Locations can be viewed by referring to the Logistic Plan from the PowerPoint Supplement page
1 and 2 
Since project suspension was lifted by the Port Commission on June 30, 2009, Turner and the
subcontractors are continuing to staff up, and perform project restart activities. The Project
should be fully re-staffed by the end of the month. 
Installation and backfill of miscellaneous footings, columns, and walls for the main building
and the QTA-s is ongoing. Footing installation is in progress in QTA #1, while wall
installation is in progress in all four QTA-s. Footings are nearing completion in the Southwest 
section of the main building (Area C), and continue in areas E through F. 
Discovered more contaminated soils as expected in the area of QTA 1. 
Installation of bridge #4 footing is complete. Backfill is in progress. 
Elevated slab placement for the second floor of the facility has commenced in the North West
area of the building (Area A). The Contractor is continuing to place ground slab in the
southern direction (Area B). Slab placement in area B is preceded by electrical and
mechanical (plumbing) utility installation in areas B and C. 
Detention Vault is complete, with the exception of punch list items. 
Shoring walls are complete, and punch list work is ongoing. 
Site waterline to enable double feed for the fire fighting system on the North end of the
airfield was completed in mid-August. 
Temporary erosion and dust control efforts continue. 
Processing of project submittals and requests for information continues. 
Timely negotiation and resolution of conforming design development and suspension costs is
in progress. 
Turner has submitted the updated project schedule and time impact analysis, identifying
suspension related delays. Turner has also submitted the proposed impact mitigation
schedule, currently under review by the Port staff. 
Held the design kick-off meeting for the CNG Fueling Facility as part of the Bus
Maintenance Facility project. 
90% design of the Off-Site Roadway Improvement project will be received by the end of
August, 2009. 
Coordinating with Qwest and Puget Sound Energy for advance utility relocations in support
of the Off-Site Roadway Improvement project. 
Processing an Amendment to pay for all but one after-the-fact design services claims having
a total value of $275,000. 
Issued 13 Design Change Notices (DCN's) to date. Currently there are an additional 22
design changes in process. These will be consolidated into future DCN's. 
Continue to refine Team Building effort and aligning Port and Design Team staff with
Turner's revised staffing to expedite the restart.

Industry meeting held August 12 to provide updates on the financial costs, transaction day
forecast, and the Helix art. Explained terms of holding over current lease until CRCF lease
goes into effect. Conducted tours of the project site. Provided a project update including the
status of the review of suspension costs. 
Continue working with the Industry's Technical Representative reviewing the details of the
$32 million budget increase. 
Staff has completed their review of Turner's Time Impact Analysis and requested additional
information. Turner submitted their Mitigated Recovery Schedule which staff is currently
reviewing. The completion date for the RCF is still estimated to be by the end of 2011. 
Bus Maintenance Facility completion is still estimated to be March 31, 2012. 
Off-Site Roadway Improvements completion is still estimated to be December 2011 with
signage extending into early 2012 to coincide with the RCF opening. 
Port received the complete delivery schedule of all electrical equipment. Working with
Turner to coordinate actual site delivery schedule with construction activities. 
Cost Forecast and Budget 
The projected program budget is $419,306,000 and breakdown by project and expenditures is
shown on the attached slide 4. 
The current Turner contract value including all change orders is shown on the attached table. 
The updated CFC actual collections and projections is show on the attached slide 5. 
The Project Management Group will constantly monitor project spending and update the
Commission each month. 
The Off-Site Roadways Improvements budget remains the same. The 90% design cost
estimate is anticipated in September 2009. 
The Bus Maintenance Facility 90% design cost estimate is under review but the initial
estimate remains within the newly revised budget. 
RCF GC/CM Construction Main Contract Status Summary 
As Referenced in the Status Summary Table in PowerPoint Suplement page 3: 
Risk Reserve  4 Approvals were issued, and 2 are pending. 
2% MACC (Maximum Allowable Construction Cost) Contingency  53 Change Orders have
been executed, and one is pending. 
Negotiated Support Services  24 Approvals have been issued, and 12 are pending, processed
1 approval. 
Conforming Design Development Allowance 17 Change Orders have been executed and 8
are pending. 
Anticipated Scope Allowance  1 Change Order has been executed, and none pending. 
Non-Suspension Related Contract Changes  35 Change Orders have been executed, and 53
are pending. 
Suspension Related Contract Changes  9 Change Orders have been executed, and 32 are 

Risk Factors 
Effectively and efficiently restarting the RCF construction in a timely manner. 
Obtaining adequate staffing. 
Finalizing the revised Program Schedule. 
ORI schedule maybe affected due to coordination of construction activities based on Turner's
revised approved RCF schedule. 
WSDOT Changing team members, which may affect required agreements for bidding ORI
Coordinating with Utility Companies for major relocations for both BMF and ORI projects,
which require a number of agreements. 
Continue to find contaminated soil in QTA 1 area. 
Other Significant Developments 
Expect 190 workers on site by mid-August. 
Held pre-bid session August 12 for the RCF Concession opportunity that was well attended. 
Upcoming Commission Actions 
Authorize Bus Procurement  September 2009 
Authorize Off-Site Roadway Improvements Construction  October 2009 
Execute WSDOT Agreements supporting Off-Site Roadway Improvements  October 2009 
Execute Utility Agreements supporting Off-Site Roadway Improvements  October 2009 
Authorize continuation of existing Rental Car Lease October 2009 
Execute Concession Agreement  January 2010 
Authorize Bus Maintenance Facility Construction  February 2010 
Execute Utility Agreements in support of the Bus Maintenance Facility  February 2010 
Authorize Main Terminal Improvements Construction  September 2010

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