11a. Presentation

2021 Opportunity Youth Initiative Briefing

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2021 Opportunity Youth InitiativeMeeting Date: January 25, 2022

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

1. Background & Purpose
2. 2021 Program Overview
3. Guest Speakers




Commission Orders
Order 2020-18
Allocated $1.5 million for the implementation of short-term
professional development opportunities in port-related industries for
youth 16  24. The program supports economic recovery from the
pandemic for the residents of King County.
Order 2021-05
Allocated $2.0 million from the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to be
contracted with Partner in Employment, Seattle Goodwill, Seattle Parks
Foundation, and Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle to support the
Port's 2021 Opportunity Youth Initiative.

COVID-19's Impact on the King County
Highest number of
unemployment claims per capita
are from:
Workers with high school
degree or equivalent
Workers between the ages of
Workers living in south
Seattle and south King County
Workers of color

Port's Response to Community Need
Community Needs
COVID-19 impact, especially for BIPOC youth
Lack of youth internship and professional
development opportunities in port industries
Aging workforce in port industries
Lack of racial and gender diversity in port industries
Opportunity Youth Initiative
$1.5 million for internships in 2020
$2.0 million for internships in 2021
South King County focus
Targeting 16  24 year olds

Por t supports community-based  economic recovery efforts           6



2021 Opportunity Youth Initiative
1.  Seattle Goodwill Industries: 86 youth
Maritime, Aviation (Aerospace), Green Jobs
2.  Seattle Parks Foundation: 42 youth
Friends of Georgetown: Green Jobs
Duwamish Valley Youth Corps: Green Jobs,
Cultivate South Park: Green Jobs
Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association:
Green Jobs, Maritime


2021 Opportunity Youth Initiative (continued)
3.  Partner in Employment: 68 youth
Mid Sound Fisheries: Green Jobs
Machinists Institute: Aviation (Aerospace &
4.  Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle: 95 youth
Apprenticeship & Nontraditional Employment for
Women (ANEW): Construction
YouthBuild Seattle: Construction


2021 Participant Profile
Income                               Age
Youth: $15/hour stipend                     16-19: 83%
Mentor Lead: $16-$20/hour stipend          20-24: 17%
Race                                  Gender
American Indian/Alaska Native    0.4%
Other                                                                Female: 39%
Mixed Race        5.7%
White        5.7%                                                  Male: 61%
Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian        4.3%
Hispanic/Latino                      18.1%
Asian          7.1%
African          6.7%
Black/African American                                                   47.9%


Youth Survey Highlights
92% agreed that based on their internship training they were more
knowledgeable about job opportunities
96% agreed that as part of their training, they had opportunities to
learn about other industries, meet job professions, and network
with others
92% agreed that they learned new skills that will help them to be
successful in either finding a good job or career path
79% agreed that they have a clearer understanding of their future
career and/or educational goals and how to reach them



Guest Speakers
Partner in Employment
Hien Kieu, Executive Director
Patient Ndusha, Intern
Seattle Goodwill Industries
Rodney Sisk, Program Manager
Isaiah Mawudeku, Intern
Karen Dove, Executive Director
Damien Valencia, Intern
Duwamish Valley Youth Corps
Ruby Vigo, MSW, Duwamish River Community Coalition
Faith Villalobos, Intern

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