8i. Presentation

2022 Tourism Marketing Grant Program

Item No. 8i supp
Meeting Date: January 25, 2022
2022 Tourism Marketing
Support Program
Tourism Development

Supporting Tourism Partnerships
Requesting Commission authorization for the Executive
Director to execute contract agreements and
implement the 2022 Tourism Marketing Support
Program in an amount not to exceed $200,000.


Supporting Statewide Tourism Recovery
Port provides annual matching grants
up to $10,000 to partner
organizations for:
Cooperatively promote visitor use of Port
facilities  SEA International Airport, cruise
terminals, or recreational marinas
Increasing the number of visitors and visitor
expenditures within WA State
Partners: Eligible WA State destination
marketing organizations, counties, cities,
and other non-profit organizations that
provide visitor attractions


Marketing Partnerships Generate Results
Media Visits and
Familiarization Tours
Online Digital Campaigns
Events/Cultural Attractions
Trade Shows/Sales
Collateral and Video

See Appendix for list of 20 21 grant recipients                                                                       4

Special Emphasis: Sustainability and Equity
Staff make extra
efforts to pick
partners that
ecotourism and
cultural tourism


Dates                                       Activity
January 26th                                    Application launch
February 4th and February 10th                   Information sessions
February 23rd                                  Application submittal deadline
February 24th - March 14th                       Review committee selection process
March 14th                                  Notification of recipients & non-recipients
March - April                                      Complete agreements
April - December                                Recipients conduct marketing projects and
submit final comprehensive report



2021 Tourism Marketing Support Program
Grant Recipients
POS Awarded
Organization Name                                            Summary of Proposed Project
County -wide social media marketing, targeting out-of-state markets,
Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce      $6,000
focusing on diversity and recreation.
Creating a destination marketing piece (map & guide) for online and for
Alliance for Pioneer Square            $7,500
visitors at SEA Airport
Social media marketing for destination outdoor activities, Quileute Tribe
Forks Chamber of Commerce         $10,000
and Makah Tribe attractions, and festival event
Digital marketing campaign including advertising to AR, CA, CO target
MOHAI              $10,000
markets and social media marketing efforts

Online advertising campaign, including website redesign, social media,
Seattle Architectural Foundation         $10,000
and banner ads. Target markets: NY, San Francisco, Chicago.


Grant Recipients (continued)
Film production for media broadcast. Spanish speaking version
San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau         $10,000    included. Emphasis on environmental stewardship, activities,
Native American heritage
Digital marketing and social media campaign. Graphics and
City of Renton                  $10,000    website refresh will highlight minority-owned businesses,
sample travel itineraries, and more. Target markets: TX, CA
Social media marketing campaign, including three media
Visit Walla Walla                 $10,000
influencers from CA, TX, MO. Focus on BIPOC travelers.
Create multi-day itineraries to include in the "Experience
Skamania" visitor guide, focused on adventure/nature tourism
Skamania County Chamber of Commerce     $5,332
and cruising from POS cruise terminals, for online, hotels, and
mailed distribution
Eco-adventure itinerary marketing campaign to out-of-state
Tacoma Regional Convention & Visitor
$10,000    audiences, social media influencer marketing, and geo-location
digital marketing.
Develop website, social media campaign focused on BIPOC
Global to Local                  $10,000     "foodie" community, targeting out-of-state markets in CA and


Grant Recipients (continued)
Media familiarization and social media target marketing
Ballard Alliance                    $10,000
campaign. Focus on inclusion of diverse cultural experiences
Marketing advertising and social media campaign, target
City of Westport                   $10,000
out-of-state fishers from CO, MT, WY
Marketing strategy includes print and digital advertising,
Visit Bainbridge Island                 $10,000     social media, and website integration updates for target outof-state
promotional efforts
Strategic social media, online and print advertising
Savor Central Washington              $8,600
campaign, targeting several CA markets.
Target markets: NY, AR, CA, IL, FL for online and social media
Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce       $8,000     marketing campaign, including video production,
advertising, and new website landing page
Website development and online media campaign, focused
on promotion of "foodie" loop extension through WA wine
Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce         $10,000    country, support to native-owned businesses and
highlighting sustainable outdoor recreation. Market targets:


Grant Recipients (continued)
Develop a visual asset library for social media marketing and
Cascade Loop Association          $10,000
promotional efforts, targeting key air traffic markets
Create online and print marketing, digital and social media
Coupeville Chamber of Commerce      $10,000  campaigns, create website videos and itineraries for out-of-state
travelers. Target markets: CO, AR, CA

Online advertising and social media marketing campaign,
City of North Bend              $10,000
highlighting adventure outdoor recreation, art, and culture.
Strategic online, print, radio, TV, and social media marketing
advertising for event promotion to target audiences from CA, TN,
Acoustic Sound Wintergrass          $8,000
and other out-of-state cities. Focus on BIPOC outreach and


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