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New Wastewater Lift Station at Terminal 86 Park

AGENDA MEMORANDUM                        Item No.          8f 
ACTION ITEM                            Date of Meeting      February 8, 2022 

DATE:     January 25, 2022 
TO:        Stephen P. Metruck, Executive Director 
FROM:    Delmas Whittaker, Director Marine Maintenance 
Robert Hoyman, Facilities Project Manager 
SUBJECT:  T86 Park Lift Station Replacement (C801249) 
Amount of this request:                 $160,000 
Total estimated project cost:            $610,000 
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to authorize $160,000 for design
and permitting for a new wastewater lift station at Terminal 86 Park. This request would increase
the total project authorization to date to $210,000 out of a total preliminary estimated project
cost of $610,000. 
The Port of Seattle owns and operates Terminal 86 Park, a 20-acre park bordering the Terminal
86 Grain Terminal on the Seattle waterfront, otherwise known as Centennial Park. Features 
within the park include public restrooms and a separate building once used as a Bait Store. The
public restroom building is in good condition and has many more years of life remaining. The
Elliott Bay Trail runs directly through the park. The City of Seattle owns and operates Myrtle
Edwards Park which is South of the Port's Terminal 86 Park. The Elliott Bay Trail is regularly used
by commuters, waterfront visitors and as a recreational running and cycling path. The Park is
accessible from both north and south via use of the Elliott Bay Trail, or by automobile access from
Alaskan Way West. The average monthly use in 2020 was 119,262 one-way trips, north and south
on the trail. Annually use of the Elliot Bay Trail over the past seven years has averaged over a
million uses each year with approximately 1.5 million annually in 2019 and 2020. This project will
replace the lift station serving the public restrooms. 
The existing lift station is failing structurally and is at the end of its lifespan. The design will include
minor site improvements and will accommodate future needs for the public restrooms. If the lift
station's structure were to fail or the lift station becomes inoperable for any other reason, the

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COMMISSION AGENDA  Action Item No. 8f                                   Page 2 of 4 
Meeting Date: February 8, 2022 
restrooms would need to be closed to the public until repairs could be made. The public
restrooms within T86 Park are the only restrooms on the East side of Elliot Bay readily available
to trail users. The existing tank is a steel tank installed in 1980 and is currently in a compromised
condition. A new concrete tank will replace the existing steel tank and will be more resistant to
the corrosive environment, close in proximity to Elliot Bay.
Diversity in Contracting 
Consideration will be given to opportunities to engage small businesses or WMBE businesses to
perform the replacement of the lift station. 
Use of the Elliot Bay Trail by commuters and recreational users has increased by as much as 50%
over the last two years. Based on utility costs, the usage of the restrooms is consistent with these
increases in use of public spaces. Additionally, there is an existing Fishing Pier at this location that
has been closed.  Port is engaged with Expedia Corp and the State of Washington in evaluating
returning the Fishing Pier for public use, including the possible inclusion of a foot ferry dock.
During design, sizing to accommodate future uses will be considered. 
Scope of Work 
We propose that the Port's in-house Engineers perform the design for a new wastewater lift
station and that the Port's Environmental Services group execute the permitting efforts. Port staff
have availability to perform this work. 
Commission design authorization               2022 Quarter 1 
Design start                                       2022 Quarter 1 
Design Completion                            2022 Quarter 2 
Permitting                                      2022 Quarter 3 
Construction Start                                2022 Quarter 4 
In use date                                         2023 Quarter 1 
Cost Breakdown                                     This Request           Total Project 
Design & Permitting                                        $160,000               $210,000 
Construction                                                      0               $400,000 
Total                                                           $160,000                $610,000 

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COMMISSION AGENDA  Action Item No. 8f                                   Page 3 of 4 
Meeting Date: February 8, 2022 
Alternative 1  Defer Lift Station Replacement 
Cost Implications: Continued maintenance and operational costs up to the point of failure. 
(1)   Postponed use of capital funds during a time of continued financial recovery from the
effects of the pandemic. 
(2)   Predictable operating costs based on historical figures. 
(1)   The lift station could fail at any time, resulting in a 1 to 2-year delay in restroom services. 
(2)   Structural failure could result in contamination to soils and Elliott Bay waters. 
(3)   Deferral of project will result in increased costs in the future due to escalating
construction costs. 
This is not the recommended alternative. 
Alternative 2  Close Public Restrooms and decommission the Restrooms, former Bait Store and 
lift station. 
Cost Implications: $650,000 
(1)   This would be the least costly alternative to the Port over a long period of time. 
(1)   Initial costs to decommission the above noted facilities would exceed the lift station
replacement costs. 
(2)   Public perception would be negatively impacted due to a lack of public amenities. 
(3)   Early dispositions of facility assets that still has remaining useable service life. 
This is not the recommended alternative. 
Alternative 3  Replace T86 Park Lift Station 
Cost Implications: $610,000 
(1)   Continued use of public restrooms. 
(2)   Provide minor enhancements to the park. 
(3)   Increased safety for maintenance staff to service equipment. 
(4)   Minor reduction in operations costs due to simplified maintenance. 
(1)   $610k Capital expenditure during a time of continued financial recovery. 
This is the recommended alternative. 

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COMMISSION AGENDA  Action Item No. 8f                                   Page 4 of 4 
Meeting Date: February 8, 2022 
Cost Estimate/Authorization Summary              Capital        Expense           Total 
Original estimate                                   $610,000               $0        $610,000 
Previous authorizations                             $50,000                0         $50,000 
Current request for authorization                  $160,000                0        $160,000 
Total authorizations, including this request         $210,000                0        $210,000 
Remaining amount to be authorized              $400,000             $0       $400,000 
Annual Budget Status and Source of Funds 
This project was included in the 2022 Capital Plan under C801249 T86 Park Lift Station
Replacement with a total project cost of $610,000. 
The project will be funded by the General Fund. 
Financial Analysis and Summary 
Project cost for analysis              $610,000 
Business Unit (BU)                  Maritime Parks/Marine Maintenance 
Effect on business performance     The project will increase depreciation expense by
(NOI after depreciation)             approximately $20K per year. The project should also
reduce future maintenance costs. 
IRR/NPV (if relevant)                NA 
CPE Impact                       NA 
(1)   Presentation slides 

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