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Project Budget for the Telecommunication Meet Me Room (

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Meeting Date: February 8, 2022
Telecommunication Meet Me Room (MMR)
Denise Dennis                   Tyler Salisbury
AV F&I  Manager Engineer        AV PMG  Capital Project
Electrical                             Manager

February 8, 2022

Project Overview
Establish new permanent telecommunication facility and connection pathway into the Airport
Telephone services
Internet and Intranet
Wi-Fi connectivity and Office connections
Airport Reservation System and Airport Check-in System
Cable Television
Relocate legacy connections and upgrade from copper to high-speed fiber.
Bring new services and service providers into the Airport.
Provide connection redundancy and resiliency (Dual Pathway).
Funding approval for design and construction of the building
Funding approval for design of fiber optic cable
Note: This project was put on hold (February 2020-September 2021) during the COVID-19 workplace


Project Scope
Building Scope
Construct a secure facility with access gate and finish landscaping.
Install underground pathways to connect the building to the Airport and
Service providers.
Build out secure areas within the building for the Port and Service
providers to house equipment.
Fiber Scope
Install fiber interconnections between Service providers and Port
Install fiber in a primary pathway to each Main Distribution Room (MDR).
Install fiber in a secondary pathway to each MDR.
New tray and conduit pathways are required to keep the connections separated.

Project Opportunities
Opportunity                    DESCRIPTION
Increased Resiliency            The project will be identifying and installing a secondary pathway to each
MDR from the MMR. This will provide data redundancy and resiliency to
the airport which is not currently available with the legacy connections.
Diversity of services and        The MMR will have space for new service providers to access the airport.
providers                      These providers can bring additional and competing services into the
Synergies with the Utility       This project aligns with recommendations in the Utility Master Plan for
Master Plan and future        increased resiliency and capacity for future growth.


Project Risks and Mitigation
RISK                     DESCRIPTION                                  MITIGATION PLAN
Supply Chain - Building  Availability of some construction materials     Design Build team will investigate using a
have added significant time to construction     pre-fabricated building that can be
schedules.                                    procured at an early design stage.
Prepare work packages that can be
executed while materials are procured.
Supplier Audit  Fiber    The legacy connections are a combination of   Work with our legacy supplier during their
count                 multiple installations over 50 years or more.    audit while initial pathway designs are
Multiple efforts are underway to identify the   starting.
active circuits that will need to be migrated.    Establish the fiber count midway through
design and finalize by 90%.


Building Scope                           Fiber Scope
Design-Build (DB) procurement 2Q         Design Start 2Q 2022
2022                               Commission for construction
DB Contract award 4Q (2022)               authorization 2Q 2023
Design Start 4Q (2022)                     Construction Start 3Q 2023
Construction Start 1Q (2023)               Substantial Completion  Fiber 1Q
Substantial Completion  Building           2025
2Q 2024


Budget and Authorization
Budget    Description                                                                     Estimate          Change
Building  Previously Bid in July 2019  Irregular bid that was greater than 35% of Engineers   $7,700,000       $2,550,000
estimate. Revised estimate using current construction environment.
Fiber     Previous authorizations did not include the fiber scope.                             $12,000,000      $12,000,000
Installs approximately 2,000 new fiber strands.
Install a secondary pathway; requiring new tray and conduit to each MDR.
Pathway lengths range from 2,900-5,900 ft long (6 total).
Project Total                                                                           $19,700,000      $14,550,000
Authorization                      Amount                Note
Previous authorization       $3,928,000        September 2017
This Request                $7,725,000        Building  Full funding (Design Build)
Fiber  Design funding only
Total Authorized             $11,703,000
Total Remaining             $7,997,000        Fiber  Construction Funding


Cone of Certainty

We are here


Action Requested
Increase project budget by $14.55M
New Project budget $19.7M
Authorization to advertise, award, and execute a major works Design Build contract
to construct the building
Authorization to prepare design and construction documents for the fiber scope
Project team will return for fiber construction authorization
Use of Port of Seattle Crews for design support and pre-construction activities
This request is to authorize $7.725M
Total authorization is $11.703M




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