10e. Order

Port’s Opportunity Youth Initiative

1                                                                                         Item No. 10e_Order 
2                                                                                         Meeting Date: February 8, 2022 
5                                               ORDER NO. 2022-02 
7                          AN ORDER OF THE PORT OF SEATTLE COMMISSION 
9                           Aligning the Port's Opportunity  Youth  Initiative  with  the
10                        Port's  Workforce  Development  Resolution  and  Policy
11                        Directive  and  renaming  it  as  the  "Youth  Career  Launch 
12                        Program" and to create pathways to high-quality jobs for youth. 
14                                                  PROPOSED 
15                                             FEBRUARY 8, 2022 
17                                               INTRODUCTION 
19    This proposal modifies the Port's COVID  19 Recovery Opportunity Youth Initiative to create a
20    three-year pilot program to determine how to implement a permanent and sustainable youth
21    employment program that connects young people between the ages of 16-24; to provide Workforce
22    Development preparation and launch opportunities in port-related industries; and to align with the
23    Port Workforce Development Resolution and Policy Directives and other successful programs in
24    King County and Washington State. 
25                                            TEXT OF THE ORDER 
27    The Port of Seattle Commission hereby directs the Executive to: 
29    (1) Rename the Port's "Opportunity Youth Initiative Program" to the "Youth Career Launch 
30    Program;" 
32    (2) Implement a pilot program that will explore how to evolve the program from a temporary
33    response to COVID-19 recovery to an ongoing, permanent program aligned with the core priorities
34    of the Port's workforce development strategic plan and Workforce Development Resolution and
35    Policy Directive; 
37    (3) Require the pilot program to be guided by the Equity Index and the Awareness, Experiential,
38    Preparation and Launch (AEPL) model within the Career Connected Learning (CCL) framework, 
39    as outlined in the Workforce Development Policy Directive; and 
41    (4) Partner with community organizations to provide career launch opportunities for young people
42    aged 16-24 in port-related industries. The pilot will emphasize: 
43         Working with BIPOC youth and communities in a workforce development capacity; 
44         Partnering with employers in port-related industries; 
45         Youth job training; 
46         Providing wrap-around services to facilitate workforce development opportunities; 

Order 2022--02  Youth Career Launch Program                                                     Page 1 of 2

47         Collecting data and reporting on metrics and measurable outcomes; and 
48         Partnership with educational institutions providing certificates and training for students in
49            port related industries. 
51    (5) The Executive Director shall conduct a program evaluation following the program's second
52    year to determine alignment with the current Workforce Development Resolution and Policy 
53    Directive. The evaluation shall include a review of program metrics and outcomes to inform the 
54    recommendation from the Executive Director as to whether the program should be adopted as a
55    permanent feature of our core programming in Workforce Development. 
57    (6) Pending the outcome of the evaluation the Youth Career Launch Pilot Program shall sunset on
58    December 31, 2024, with the intent that the program becomes permanent, by executive or
59    commission approval. 
61                                  STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF THE ORDER 
63    The  Port's  Workforce  Development  Policy  Directive  states  that  port-related  workforce
64    development provides a substantial public benefit consistent with the Port of Seattle Commission's
65    economic development goals and is consistent with ongoing worker training initiatives in place. 
67    Investing where needs are greatest will address root causes of the inequity in opportunity while
68    allocating  public  resources  toward  continuous  improvement.  Youth  Career  Launch  is  an
69    opportunity to fulfill Century Agenda strategic objectives by increasing equitable access for youth 
70    to acquire the skills, experience, and education they need to secure increasingly complex and better
71    compensated jobs and careers at the Port and in port-related industries; connecting increased job
72    placement and retention within port-related industries. 
74    The Commission recognizes the Port has reached many milestones in the goal of connecting
75    learning with career opportunities and is in a position to develop and strengthen additional
76    pathways that serve both port-impacted communities and port-related industries. 
78    The Port will build upon its strong support for CCL and will continue to develop positive
79    partnerships through its youth employment training programs to advance offerings that support the 
80    Awareness, Experiential, Preparation and Launch (AEPL) model and the career launch for the next
81    generation of workers. 
84    Workforce Development Resolution and Policy Directive as Amended and Adopted June 23, 2020 
87    2020-2023 WFD Strategic Plan as introduced to Commission on July 14, 2020 

Order 2022--02  Youth Career Launch Program                                                     Page 2 of 2

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