11b. Presentation

Commission Committees’ 2021 Review and 2022 Workplans

Agenda Item: 11b_supp
Date: February 8, 2022

Erica Chung
Commission Office Commission Specialist


Standing Committees
Audit                               Sam Cho and Hamdi Mohamed
Aviation                              Sam Cho and Hamdi Mohamed
Equity and Workforce Development   Sam Cho and Hamdi Mohamed
Sustainability, Environment, and
Ryan Calkins and Toshiko Hasegawa
Waterfront and Industrial Lands       Fred Felleman and Toshiko Hasegawa
Art Board                           Fred Felleman and Toshiko Hasegawa

Aviation Committee: 2021 Overview
Met 4 times
Fly Healthy @ SEA
Vaccination Clinic
Virtual Queuing
ADR Support
Capital Improvement Projects
N Main Terminal
Concourse C

Aviation: Proposed 2022 Workplan
SAMP Enabling Projects              SAMP Enabling Projects          SAMP Enabling Projects
CIP Projects                           CIP Projects                      Taxi Pilot Program
Checkpoint 1 Relocation             ADR Master planning effort      SLOA Process
Authorization                     Airport Community
Relations Status
Advance Air Mobility Briefing
Noise Program Updates
Land-Use and N SEA Park
ADR/ Customer Service
Briefing                              throughout construction
Q1         Q2/Q3    Q3/Q4

Equity and Workforce Development (E+WFD)
2021 Overview
Met 8 Times
Racial Bias and Equity Motion Implementation and the EDI strategic plan
Strategic direction and recommendations to Diversity in Contracting Policy
Directive and the Duwamish Valley Policy Directive

Monitor the implementation of the South King County Fund
Oversee the implementation of the Opportunity Youth Initiative

E+WFD: Proposed 2022 Workplan
Timeline     Topics
Q1         Review Charter
Proposed Annual workplan review
Community Equity Board/Equity Policy Directive timeline
CEB Discussion
Equity Policy Directive Timeline
CEB Timeline
Maritime High School Interlocal Agreement
WFD Annual report
Maritime WFD
Discuss Women of Color Assessment
2021 WMBE Results

E+WFD: Proposed 2022 Workplan Cont.
Timeline    Topics
Q2         Duwamish Valley Community Partnership
EDI Assessment Recommendations
Policing Assessment implementation plan update
Committee recommendations for Budget requests
PLA/WMBE Assessment
Monitor Community Equity Board implementation
Introduce and approve Equity Policy Directive
Q3         Maritime High School update
Equity Index First Year Retrospective
Q4         EDI Assessment Recommendations Implementation

Sustainability, Environment, and Climate (SEAC)
Met 8 times
Work                            Overview
Committee Names change
Capital Improvement Projects under the
Sustainable Evaluation Framework
SAF Strategy and MSW Study Framework
NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) Study
Statement of Work
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Bill Passage

SEAC: Proposed 2022 Workplan
Timeline   Topics
Q1      Sustainable Evaluation Framework
Capital Improvement Projects under Sustainable Design
Sustainable Evaluation Framework lessons learned
Q2      Sustainable Aviation Fuel strategy and implementation
Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy Update
Cruise Environmental  update on strategy development
Q3      NREL Report results
KC MSW study progress report
Q4      Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy Report
MCAAP Implementation End of Year progress report
Single Use Plastic Pilot Project update

Waterfront and Industrial Lands (WIL)
Met 3 times                                  2021 Overview
Discussion topics included
City of Seattle's Industrial Lands proposed zoning
West Seattle Bridge
Maritime and manufacturing logistics
Industry and Innovation

WIL: Proposed 2022 Workplan
Timeline                            Topics
Q1        Industrial Lands Policy
Tourism Grants
East Marginal Way funding agreement
Fishing Pier at Centennial Park
NWSA/POS Real Estate Study
Aquarium Partnership
Terminal 46
Maritime Blue
WTA Recovery Initiative and Ecotourism Conference


WIL: Proposed 2022 Workplan
Timeline Cont.                        Topics
Q2          Maritime
West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions
Maritime/EDD Capital Projects Review
Waterfront Redevelopment
Industrial Lands
NWSA/POS Real Estate Study report and recommendations
Maritime Blue
Q3          NWSA/POS Real Estate Study report and recommendations
Maritime/EDD CIP update
Industrial Lands
Eco/Sustainable tourism conference
Q4          Foot Passenger Ferries and Water Taxies
Pier 86 Fishing Pier Renovation


Portwide Art Board: 2021 Overview
Met 3 Times
Art projects and acquisitions
Conservation and Maintenance
Review of diversity in art collection and artists


Portwide Art Board: Proposed 2022 Workplan
Maintenance and Conservation Efforts continued
Capital Improvement Projects  public art opportunities
Partnership For Public Performances and Wayfinding
Public Engagement Post Covid
Temporary Art Opportunities




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