11b. Memo


AGENDA MEMORANDUM                        Item No.          11b 
BRIEFING ITEM                            Date of Meeting       March 8, 2022 
DATE:     February 15, 2022 
TO:        Stephen P. Metruck, Executive Director 
FROM:    Stephanie Jones Stebbins, Managing Director, Maritime Division 
Rosie Courtney, Senior Manager, Maritime Engagement 
SUBJECT:  Neighbors Advisory Committee Annual Report for 2020-21 
The Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee (NAC) is composed of representatives of the
Magnolia  Community  Council  and  Queen  Anne  Community  Council.  Together  with
representatives of the Port of Seattle, NAC operates within the terms of the Terminal 91 Short
Fill Redevelopment Agreement (as amended 1985 and 1998). The Committee meets on the
third Wednesday of each month either at Pier 69 or virtually. 
The 2020-21 Annual Activity Report has been prepared for presentation to the Port Commission
by the NAC Chairperson, Weldon Ihrig. Mr. Ihrig serves as the independent facilitator as
specified  within  the  NAC  Agreement  and  contracted  with  501  Commons,  a  non-profit
organization. NAC greatly appreciates the opportunity to give a short overview of the 2020-21 
Annual Report to the Commission. 
Neighbors Advisory Committee Annual Report 2020-21 
March 10, 2020  Neighbors Advisory Committee Annual Report 

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