8b. Presentation

Fishermen’s Terminal ADA Compliance Project

Item No.: 8b_Supp
Date: March 22, 2022
Fishermen's Terminal ADA Compliance
Construction Authorization
Commission Meeting | March 22, 2022
Julie Yun - Project Manager, Waterfront Project Management
Melinda Miller  Director, RE Asset Management

1. Project Context
2. Other Considerations
3. Timeline
4. Funding


Action Requested
Request Commission Authorization from the Executive Director to:
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to proceed
with the Construction of the Fishermen's Terminal ADA Compliance
Project (C801198/U00658) in the amount of $850,000.


Project Context (1/2)
Litigation Settlement Agreement:
Signed 10/5/2020
Port committed to address alleged Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code
violations at the Fishermen's Terminal parking lot area south of the Fishermen's
Center Building.
Completion Deadlines
Non-Structural alterations: 120-days from agreement (complete)
Structural alterations: 10/5/2022


Project Context (2/2)
Satisfy Port's commitment per Litigation Settlement Agreement
Provision of equitable access to the FT community via ADA compliant facilities
Further Port's Century Agenda objectives under the following strategies:
Position the Puget Sound region as a premier international logistics hub.
Responsibly invest in economic growth of the region and all its communities.
Advance this region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway.
Demolition of existing curb ramp and sidewalks, regrading, paving/pavement overlay,
pavement marking, landscaping



Other Considerations
Alternative 1: Delayed/No Action (Not Recommended)
Cost Implication: Potential reduced costs for avoided work but potential for increased costs related to
enforcement of Settlement Agreement.
Pros:    (1) Preserve Port capital funding and resources for other priority projects and financial initiatives
Cons:   (1) Would not comply with the Port's agreement to address ADA concerns.
(2) Could potentially increase safety risk to customers and visitors.
Alternative 2: Proceed with construction of the structural improvements as
proposed, contracting through Port Construction Services small works
contracts (Recommended)
Cost Implication: Requires allocation of $850,000 in the Capital Plan.
Pros:    (1) Comply with the Port's agreement to address ADA concerns within the committed timeframe.
Cons:   (1) Limited temporary construction impacts.


Litigation Settlement Agreement                               Oct 2020
90% Design                                              Feb 2022
Commission Construction Authorization                      March 2022
Permit Approval                                            May 2022
Construction Start (PCS/Small Works Contract)                 June 2022
Deadline for Construction Completion                      October 5, 2022


Project Funding
Funded from the Tax Levy
FT ADA Compliance Project is included in the 2022 plan of finance.
Cost Breakdown          Capital          Expense       Total Project
Cost Estimate
Original                             $1,500,000               $30,000           $1,530,000
Revised                          $1,150,000              $40,000          $1,190,000
Previous Authorization                 $300,000               $40,000            $340,000
Current Request                     $850,000                  $0             $850,000




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