10b. Presentation

Tacoma Intern

Item No 10b_supp
Meeting Date March 22, 2022
Checkpoint 1 Relocation
Construction Authorization

Project Scope and Purpose
This project will relocate the existing checkpoint 1 from the
ticketing level to baggage claim.
The relocated checkpoint will increase the number of lanes
from 3 to 5 for higher throughput in passenger screening.
The relocated checkpoint will include enough queue space to
contain passengers at peak periods.


Project Location

Current Configuration                                     New Configuration


Proposed New Layout


Proposed New Layout
IAF Meeter/Greeter Zone

Integrated Art Cases

7' Security Glass Barrier

Optimized Queueing


Integrated Art Displays


Conceptual Rendering


Checkpoint 1 & Duty Free


Project Schedule
Commission Design Authorization                                                        Q4 2019

Design Start                                                                                  Q4 2020

Design Completion                                                                    Q2 2022

Q1 2022
Commission Construction Authorization at 90% Design

Construction Start                                                                           Q4 2022

In-use Date                                                                              Q1 2024


Cost Breakdown                  This Request          Total Project

Design                                  $0                    $5,900,000

Long Lead Time Equipment               $(600,000)            $1,900,000

Construction                             $27,300,000            $29,200,000

To ta l                                                          $26,700,000                  $37,000,000


1. Terrazzo Flooring Area- Full scope of terrazzo floor repair and replacement cannot
be determined until the "Clearing" art installation is deaccessioned. [Reference Slide - Appendix 1]
Mitigation: A contingency budget amount has been included for additional terrazzo
flooring scope if required.
2. Project Phasing  The new United Baggage Service Office must be complete prior to
demolition of the old tenant location, the post-security elevator upgrade must be
completed prior to beneficial use of the new checkpoint, and flooring work will require
short duration shut- downs of existing public use areas.
Mitigation: Phasing requirements will be written into the construction request for
proposals. Construction mobilization and barricade planning will be coordinated based
on long lead procurement durations including the new elevator equipment.

3. Wayfinding Signage Completed Design  Wayfinding prototypes are being created
based off the current design documents. Design may be revised between now and
construction based on prototype review comments.
Mitigation: A contingency budget amount has been included for potential changes to
design based on prototype review.
4. Supply Chain  The construction supply chain has been highly unpredictable due to
current events. It is possible that supply chain issues could present during construction
which impact schedule and cost.
Mitigation: The project team will attempt to complete submittals and material
purchases as early as possible to mitigate unforeseen impacts.




Appendix 1  The "Clearing"

This installation is an approx. 180' arcing wall anchored to the floor which will be deaccessioned as a part of the
Checkpoint Relocation. Terrazzo conditions along the extent underneath cannot be fully known until removal.

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