10d. Proclamation

Women's History Month

Agenda Item: 10d 
Meeting Date: March 22, 2022 
WHEREAS, We all have a better, more promising future when women and girls reach their
full potential; and 
WHEREAS, Women's History Month was first officially celebrated in the United States in
1987, and it serves to recognize and celebrate the vital role that women and girls
play in American culture, history, and society; and 
WHEREAS, Throughout our history, despite hardship, exclusion, and discrimination, women
have strived and sacrificed for equity and equality and suffragists helped pass the
19th Amendment to the Constitution so that no American could be denied a vote
based on sex; and 
WHEREAS,  Women of color have been at the forefront of advocacy efforts to promote
freedom, equality and justice for all, but have been systemically excluded from
historical narratives and marginalized from opportunities, despite advancements
in policy and law; and 
WHEREAS, Generations of Native American women have led on many efforts, including
stewarding this land we call home and continuing to lead the fight for climate
justice; and 
WHEREAS, Black women have led on many efforts, including fighting to end slavery,
advancing civil rights, and passing the Voting Rights Act; and 
WHEREAS, Asian women have also led on many efforts, including promoting and preserving
the social safety net, advancing immigrants and human rights, and addressing the
issue of human trafficking locally, nationally and globally; and 
WHEREAS, Latina women have also led on many efforts, including advancing worker rights
and fighting inequities facing migrant populations.
WHEREAS, LGBTQIA+ women and girls are leading the fight for fairness and safety of all
women, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, and the
Port is committed to promoting the safety of women and trans women across all
Port facilities; and

WHEREAS,  Despite the contributions of women and the progress being made, women and
girls continue to experience discrimination and systemic barriers to opportunities
and success, even at the Port; and 
WHEREAS, Women have historically been excluded from opportunities in government,
business, economics, politics, unions, and aviation and maritime are historically
white and male industries and there is a concerted effort to diversify the
industries; and 
WHEREAS, Commissioners Toshiko Grace Hasegawa and Hamdi Mohamed are the first
women of color elected to the Port Commission in its over 100 year history, and
only five women total have served in this body; and 
WHEREAS, The Port of Seattle continues to evaluate and improve access for women, from
providing nursing suites and pods throughout SEA to conducting a women of
color assessment, to taking steps to make feminine hygiene products free on port
premises; and 
WHEREAS, The Port's Women's Initiative Network with other employee resource groups 
bring attention to the inequities experienced by women employees at the Port,
especially women of color, and lead the Port's work to create an inclusive and
equitable environment for all who identify as women; and 
WHEREAS, In an effort to advance goal five of the Century Agenda, the Port initiated an 
equity assessment and the women of color assessment in 2021; and 
WHEREAS, Women are and have always been vital to the success of the Port of Seattle and 
the  Port  is  actively  working  to  ensure  that  women  employees  are  fairly
compensated and recognized, have equitable opportunities for advancement, and
are an integral part of our organization's leadership; and 
WHEREAS, The official recognition of the month of March as Women's History Month is one 
way that we pay tribute to the heroines who came before us, celebrate the
contributions of our women employees, and recommit to creating a culture and
community of belonging and inclusion.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Port of Seattle Commission hereby recognizes March as
Women's History Month and celebrates the contributions of all women throughout the history of
the Port. We acknowledge the pressing need to continue advancing gender equity because 
honoring Women's History empowers Women's futures. 
Proclaimed by the Port of Seattle Commission this 22 day of March, 2022.

Port of Seattle Commission 

Port of Seattle Commission

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