3. Presentation SAO Audit

3. Presentation SAO Audit

Exit Conference
Port of Seattle

Joe Simmons
Maddie Frost-Shaffer
Audit Supervisor
Angela Funamori
Audit Lead

April 7, 2022
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SAO Executive Management
Pat McCarthy
State Auditor

Insert        Kelly Collins, CPA, Director of Local Audit
Staff          (564) 999-0807 | Kelly.Collins@sao.wa.gov

Mark Rapozo, CPA, Deputy Director of Local Audit
(564) 999-0794 | Mark.Rapozo@sao.wa.gov


Results that Matter

Increased trust in government
Independent, transparent
Improved efficiency and
effectiveness of government                  Pat McCarthy
State Auditor


Accountability Audit Results
January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020
Results in Brief
This report describes the overall results and conclusions
for the areas we examined.
In those selected areas, Port operations complied, in all
material respects, with applicable state laws, regulations,
and its own policies, and provided adequate controls over
the safeguarding of public resources.
In keeping with general auditing practices, we do not
examine every transaction, activity, policy, internal control,
or area. As a result, no information is provided on the
areas that were not examined.

Accountability Audit Results
Using a risk-based audit approach, for the Port, we
examined the following areas during the period:
Financial condition  reviewing for indications of
financial distress
Self-insurance for health and welfare,
unemployment, workers compensation and paid
family and medical leave
Rent deferral payment plans  compliance with
state law
Telework equipment reimbursement policy
Procurement  personal service contracts
Payroll  overtime                                                                  5

Work of Other Auditors
A financial statement and federal grant audit was performed by
Moss Adams of the Port.
We did not find anything about their work that caused concern
about its quality.
No limitations restricted our analysis of the other audits.
Did not notice any instance in which a material misstatement
of the financial statements has or may have resulted from fraud
or suspected fraud.


Closing Remarks
Audit costs are in alignment with our original estimate
Next audit: Fall 2022
Accountability for public resources
Review of CPA work papers
Assessment audit of the Port of Seattle Industrial
Development Corporation
An estimated cost for the next audit has been provided
in our exit packet


Report Publication
Audit reports are published on our
Sign up to be notified by email when
audit reports are posted to our website:
https://sao.wa.gov/about- sao/sign-upfor-news-alerts
Audit Survey
When your report is released, you will
receive an audit survey from us.
We value your opinions on our
audit services and hope you
provide feedback.

Working Together to
Improve Government
Local Government Support Team
BARS & Annual Online Filing
Accounting and Reporting Training
Client portal, including helpdesk

The Center for Government Innovation
Process improvement facilitations
Resources, tools and best practices
Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT)

Thank You!
We would like to thank Port officials and staff for timely
communications throughout the audit process:
Don Kelley, Rudy Caluza, Glenn Fernandes and Melanie O'Cain
for keeping the audit running smoothly, following-up on our
requests, and meeting each week to discuss our preliminary
Michael Tong while reviewing financial condition
Sandra Spellmayer, Teresa Cummins, Danielle Foort, Duane Hill,
Jeniann Kaelin, Karin Olmstead and self-insurance staff
Tammy Woodard, Katie Gerard and Pete Ramels while
reviewing the telework reimbursement policy
Karin Olmstead, Brendalynn Taulelei, Terry McHugh, Mark
Jackson and Sherrie Chipperfield and payroll staff
Lisa Lam, Rudy Caluza and Glenn Fernandes and Internal Audit
staff while reviewing the rent deferral payment plan
Sofia Mayo and procurement staff while reviewing the personal
services contracts


Contact Joe Simmons, Program Manager,
(206) 613-7628
11    11

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