8e. Presentation

Concourse C Temporary Air Handling Units Project

Item No. 8e_supp
Meeting Date: April 12, 2022
Concourse C Temporary Air Handling Units
International Airport

Concourse HVAC Concerns
Most Air Handling Units
(AHUs) on Concourse C are
operating at full capacity.
Future project to upgrade
and replace the AHUs and
add smoke control will take
several years to complete
because of complexity.
Project Location


Project Scope
Add two, 5-10 year temporary AHUs
Provides additional air required to
support existing ADR tenant leases
that are soon to be constructed
Supports increase turnover rate of air
for new restrooms that are currently
under construction to improve
passenger experience
Temporary AHUs
Minimizes impact to operations by
connecting to existing ductwork

Additional Funding
Material Costs
Inflation and supply chain issues has increased costs on multiple
components needed for the project
AHUs have more than doubled in cost
Additional Piping
Longer runs needed to provide adequate heating and cooling water
to units then initially planned
Piping costs have gone up along with needed insulation to meet
energy requirements


Project Schedule
Q2 2022: Finalize design and go out for Bid
Q3 2022: Start construction
Q4 2022: AHUs in-use


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