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Wide Body Aircraft Capacity at the Concourse N Gate N16

Item No. 8k_supp
Meeting Date: April 26, 2022
C800556  NSAT Modernization
Wide Body / Common Use
Gate N16

Purpose & Scope
Provide full functional Wide Body capacity at the North Concourse gate N16.
Project Scope:
Replace the undersized 400Hz units and conductors
Replace the undersized PC Air units and supply piping
Replace and relocate existing lighting poles with 80' poles
Add one additional SafeDock unit to align with Wide Body position
Refresh lead-in lines and safety envelopes as required
Replace/reinforce gate area apron structures and panels.

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North Satellite  Gate N16 Wide Body


CIP: C800556
Key Schedule Milestones:
Design Start: Q2 2021
Construction Start: Q3 2022
In-Use Date: Q4 2022


Risks and Mitigation
Risk: Gate Availability
Mitigation: Ensuring the Gates can be shut down in order to complete the work
Risk: Schedule
Mitigation: Maintaining the construction schedule to minimize gate outages

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Action Requested
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
execute a major public works construction contract to provide
full functional wide body aircraft capacity at the Concourse N
gate N16. This construction contract will provide flexibility to
accommodate a wider array of aircraft to support wide body gate
This work is being completed as part of the original North Satellite
Modernization at Concourse N project.

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