8g. Order 2022-06

1                                                                              Agenda Item: 8g_Order 
2                                                                              Meeting Date: April 26, 2022 
4                                                ORDER NO. 2022-06 
6                          AN ORDER OF THE PORT OF SEATTLE COMMISSION 
8                            Appointing Members to the Port of Seattle Commission
9                           Board of Ethics. 
10                                                  PROPOSED 
11                                                APRIL 26, 2022 
13                                               INTRODUCTION 
15    The Port Commission, through Resolution No. 3681, reconstituted its Board of Ethics in 2013.
16    Two openings on the Commission's Board of Ethics resulted during the Covid-19 pandemic of
17    2020 and 2021, due to inactivity of the Board.
19    An extensive recruitment process to fill the vacant positions has taken place with the Port reaching
20    out to interested parties through its LinkedIn Network; the City of Seattle Ethics and Elections
21    Commission; and the Northwest Ethics Network, an independent group of ethics and compliance
22    professionals from over 30 different Pacific Northwest organizations, organized by Seattle
23    University's Center for Business Ethics.
25                                            TEXT OF THE ORDER 
27    The Port Commission, in accordance with Resolution No. 3681, the Port of Seattle Code of Ethics
28    for Port Commissioners, hereby appoints William Barrett and Josh Friedmann to serve three-year
29    terms as a member on the Commission Board of Ethics effective May 1, 2022, and ending April
30    30, 2025.
32                                  STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF THE ORDER 
34    The Port of Seattle has established a strong and comprehensive ethics program for employees and
35    Port Commissioners to foster high ethical standards, strengthen public trust and confidence in the
36    Port of Seattle, and promote good governance. To further these goals, the Port of Seattle
37    Commission adopted Resolution No. 3681, a revised Code of Ethics for Port Commissioners, on 
38    May 14, 2013. 
40    The Code of Ethics for Port Commissioners provides for the appointment of an Ethics Board 
41    composed of three members by majority vote of the Commission "to ensure proper and consistent
42    implementation" of the Code. The Board serves as the formal mechanism to consider all
43    complaints against Port Commissioners and acts as an advisory body to provide guidance on
44    ethical matters to the Port Commission or individual Commissioners upon request. 

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46    Both Mr. Barrett and Mr. Friedmann possess strong understanding, skills, and experience in the
47    subject of government and professional administrative ethics and will serve the Commission well 
48    in its adherence to and guidance of the Code of Ethics.
51        (1) Applicant resumes previously distributed under separate cover. 

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