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From:            Iris Antman
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] PUBLIC COMMENT for April 12, 2022
Date:              Sunday, April 10, 2022 11:15:33 AM

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Dear Commissioners, Executive Director and Port staff,
My name is Iris Antman. I'm a member of Seattle Cruise 
Control and I'm writing to ask you to take seriously the 
growing threat of species extinction including human 
beings, and environmental devastation by runaway 
global warming caused primarily by burning fossil fuels.
The third part (WG3) of the most recent IPCC 
(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on 
Climate Change from the U.N. states:
"The report makes it clear that a failure to peak 
and reduce emissions in the coming decade will 
put Paris Agreement goals increasingly "out of 
These goals are to keep temperature rise to below 1.5 
degrees C from pre-industrial levels. Failing to meet 
these goals will cause the earth to go beyond tipping 
points that make sustainable life beyond 2100 
increasingly horrific and possibly unlikely.
This is such overwhelming information that most of us

turn away, and especially in an affluent country such as 
ours and an affluent city such as Seattle, it is almost 
easy to pretend that global warming is not our problem.
Let's remember last summer when we had three days of 
108 degree temperatures, and the summer before, when 
we had air quality worse than Beijing's due to wildfire 
smoke from fires consuming the western U.S. and 
Canada resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people 
and billions of sea creatures.
We must do what we can to address the disasters on the 
horizon. We must act within our personal and 
professional spheres of power and control. The Port's 
support and facilitation of the cruise industry is no longer 
an ethical way to do business. Cruise ships use the 
dirtiest of fossil fuels, contributing to air and water 
pollution, harm to marine life and poisoning of the 
oceans. Not to mention poor crew conditions and cruise 
owners not paying their fair share of taxes by flying 
under flags of convenience.
A couple of weeks ago the Port awarded almost a 
quarter of a million dollars to efforts to recruit more 
cruising tourists from potential markets in the U.K and 
Europe. Some Commissioners voiced hopes that 
recruiting efforts could be extended to markets in the 
Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Last year one of the Port's Commissioners made a point 
of saying that the Port didn't create the demand for 
cruising, rather that there was "an insatiable demand" for 
it. But recruiting efforts in the U.K. and Europe are not 
responding to a demand, they are creating one.
I understand that cruising revenue is considered 
important to this region and that approximately 5,000 
jobs are linked to cruising. But the larger economic 
analysis has yet to be done. What is this industry costing 
in poor health outcomes and climate degradation, losses 
to Washington agriculture and winter sports such as 
skiing that will overwhelm any and all short term gains? 
With sea level rise the Port will be underwater! What will 
be the cost of the Port's willingness to plow into the 
proverbial iceberg? What happens when the ship sinks 
with your children and grandchildren and their children 
on board?
Retract the contract to expand cruising markets, use that 
money instead to develop new clean industries and 
sources of employment. Do not renew cruise line leases. 
It is time for you to shift the paradigm. It's scary, yes, but 
the future of 'business as usual' is even scarier. Please 
'look up'.
Thank you.

Iris Antman

From:            Di Han
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] ACRS Public Comments on the Port of Seattle High School Internship Program
Date:              Tuesday, April 12, 2022 8:54:30 AM
Attachments:      image001.png

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My name is Di, and I was the program coordinator with the Youth Job Readiness Training (YJRT)
Program at Asian Counseling and Referral Service. In the 2021 summer, 8 of our students were
placed in the Port high school internship program and successfully completed it. Below are some
comments from both the agency staff and one of the youth participants.

Qirong Hu (youth intern and currently studying at Franklin High School): " I have learned so
much practical knowledge and skills that are not usually taught in school, which will benefit
my future! I also appreciate being provided with the opportunities of taking initiative in
project development and interviewing the Port staff. These learning opportunities helped me
make new friends and expand my professional networks. Amberine and all the teachers were
very patient with us and answered questions based on our understanding capacity. The
learning and working environment were very diverse, safe, and inclusive. I got to work with
students with different cultural backgrounds and collaborate well on our project. As a Chinese
immigrant and English as a Second Language Learner student, I feel respected, supported, and
empowered by the Port team advancing social justice and equity through their actions. I am
so grateful for joining this program where the staff truly care about our future!

Di Han and Jacqueline Nguyen (YJRT staff): "Working with Amberine and her team at the Port
of Seattle has been a wonderful experience. We greatly appreciate Amberine's initiative to
personally reach out to us in hopes of making the Port of Seattle high school internship more
accessible to marginalized communities. Amberine and her team took the time to learn about
who we were serving and how we could collaborate effectively to empower the youth in the
internship. Amberine's team was extremely patient, accommodating, and passionate about
designing and implementing an impactful high school internship experience for our youth.
They were proactive about taking our feedback and making improvements to adjust to the
youth's needs. Overall, we are very grateful to Amberine and her team for including
community member voices in the execution of the high school internship and making it more
inclusive for youth of all backgrounds."

We truly appreciate this positive experience that the Port team has created for our students and
look forward to a continuing sustainable partnership!


Di Han (), MSW

Lead Youth Development Specialist
Pathways To Our Future Program
Children, Youth, and Families
Asian Counseling and Referral Service
3639 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
Seattle, Washington 98144

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From:            Edward Hasbrouck
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Re: Request to give public comment at April 12th Port Commission meeting
Date:              Tuesday, April 12, 2022 10:15:10 AM
Attachments:      Attachment information

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Attached please find written comments of the Identity Project for today's
meeting. I will give a verbal summary of these comments.
Edward Hasbrouck
On 11 Apr 2022 at 18:59, "Commission-Public-Records"
From: Commission-Public-Records 
To: "'edward@hasbrouck.org'" 
Subject: RE: Request to give public comment at April 12th Port Commission
Date sent: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 18:59:47 +0000
> ?Thank you Edward Hasbrouck,
> Join us via your mobile or laptop device through Teams or call into the
> number provided below at 11:30 a.m. PST on Tuesday April 12, 2022 in
> order to be marked present and ready to speak. A member of port staff
> will join the call to take a roll call of the names we have listed and go
> over the procedure. Please plan to call from a location with as little
> background noise as possible.
> You should expect to be on the line for between 30-60 minutes as we
> dispose of preliminary business on the agenda and we hear from other
> public commenters. While it's not possible for us to predict how many
> people will comment on April 12, we expect individual comment time to be
> limited to two minutes and all rules of order and decorum will apply as
> usual.
> If you have any questions please let us know. We appreciate your
> dedication to public health and your interest in participating in the
> Port of Seattle Commission meeting.
> _________________________________________________________________________
> _______
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> _________________________________________________________________________
> _______
> Best Regards,
> Commission Public Records

Edward Hasbrouck

1130 Treat Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
+1-415-824-0214 (voice/Signal)
consultant to The Identity Project (IDP),
a program of the First Amendment Project
1222 Preservation Park Way, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94612, USA

"Congress shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the
people peaceably to assemble" (U.S. Constitution, Amendment 1)
"Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence
within the borders of each state. Everyone has the right to leave any
country, including his own, and to return to his country." (Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13)
"Liberty of movement is an indispensable condition for the free
development of a person." (United Nations Human Rights
Committee, General Comment No. 27)

The Identity Project
1222 Preservation Park Way, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612
510-208-7744 (office)
415-824-0214 (cell/mobile)
Comments of the Identity Project to the Port of Seattle Commission
for the Commission meeting of April 12, 2022, re: signage for travelers about the 
collection of facial images at the International Arrivals Facility at Sea-Tac Airport
Members of the Port of Seattle Commission:
The Identity Project (PapersPlease.org) is a nonprofit civil liberties and human
rights organization with expertise in identity-based surveillance and control of travelers.
We are submitting these comments to call to your attention the failure of both the
Port of Seattle and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to provide notice to
travelers of CBP's collection of facial images ("biometrics") at the new International
Arrivals Facility (IAF) at Sea-Tac International Airport, as required both by Federal law
and by the policies on use of biometrics adopted by the Port Commission.
This Saturday, April 9th, the Port conducted a "simulation" of international
arrivals at the IAF. According to the Port's press release about the simulation, "Hundreds
of volunteers will act as passengers to test the facility before it opens to the public.
Participants will evaluate the parts of their passenger journey like  signage."1
The simulation was thus explicitly intended to test and evaluate signage. CBP and
the Port failed that test: Multiple volunteers who participated in the simulation reported,
and shared photos confirming, that there was no signage at the IAF providing any notice
of the use of facial imaging, much less the specific notices required by Federal law.2
The Port's website compounds this failure by providing false and misleading
information about the legal basis for CBP's and the Port's actions. According to the Port's 
website, "CBP is mandated by the U.S. Congress to use biometrics (the use of physical or 
1. Port of Seattle, "Phased Opening of International Arrivals Facility Begins April 19", March 31,
2022, .
2. See the analysis of ongoing violations of the Paperwork Reduction Act in our February 25,
2020, comments to the Port Commission and the BEAG, .
The Identity Project  Comments to the Seattle Port Commission  4/12/2020  page 1 of 3

behavioral characteristics to identify individuals through technology) for all arriving and
departing international travelers." This claim is false and entirely unsupported.
We request that the Port Commission immediately direct Port staff to promptly
and prominently retract this false and misleading statement, and provide explicit notice to 
travelers, both on the Port's website and at Sea-Tac, that neither CBP nor the Port is
required to use, or has the authority to demand, biometrics of US citizens.
No law requires CBP to use facial recognition or biometrics to track US citizens.
All of the laws cited by CBP in its submissions to the Port regarding its purported
authority for use of biometrics are applicable solely to non-US persons.
On the other hand, the Federal law that CBP is most obviously violating, the
Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA), does protect the rights of both US and non-US persons.
In fact, rather than being "required" to collect facial images or other biometric
information from all travelers, CBP  like any other Federal agency  is prohibited by the 
PRA from collecting information unless it has provided notices in the Federal Register
and opportunities for public comment, applied for and received approval from the Office
of Management and Budget (OMB), and provides notice, at the points where information
is collected, informing individuals of their right not to respond to any information
collection not accompanied by a PRA notice including a valid OMB control number.
CBP has not taken any of the steps required by the PRA to provide notice and
comment or obtain OMB approval for its collection of biometrics from US citizens.
Since CBP has chosen to flout the PRA, and since neither CBP nor Port staff have 
posted any notices regarding the PRA at Sea-Tac, we urge the Port Commission to
immediately direct Port staff to post notices informing travelers of their rights.
We suggest that the following notices be included in signage posted by the Port:
"Cameras in this area are being used by U.S. Customs and Border
Protection (CBP) to collect facial images. The Port of Seattle does not own or 
control these cameras or the use of these photos. U.S. citizens may opt out of
facial imaging and automated facial recognition.
"Pursuant to U.S. Federal law (44 U.S.C.  3512), no person,
regardless of citizenship, shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply
with a collection of information by a U.S. Federal agency if the collection of
information does not display a valid control number assigned by the Office of 
Management and Budget (OMB), or if the agency fails to inform the person
who is to respond to the collection of information that such person is not
required to respond to the collection of information unless it displays a valid
control number."
The Identity Project  Comments to the Seattle Port Commission  4/12/2020  page 2 of 3

We believe that the Port has the right to post truthful signage on Port property
informing members of the public of their rights. If CBP wants to claim the authority to
prevent the Port from posting such notices, the Port can and should require CBP to
formally, publicly, and explicitly assert this legal claim, and defend it in court. If CBP
wants to gag the Port, you can and should make them get a court order to do so.
The Port should not censor itself, especially when it comes to informing members
of the public of their rights, on the basis of a mere possibility or threat that CBP might 
claim the authority to preempt the Port's right to post truthful signage on Port property,
and that a court might uphold such a demand by CBP for a gag order against the Port.
We are unaware of any airport at which CBP has posted any PRA notices at
departure gates, or where CBP has posted notices complying with the PRA in arrival
areas. As of last Saturday's "simulation", no such notices had been posted in the IAF at
Sea-Tac. It seems clear that CBP won't notify travelers at Sea-Tac of their rights pursuant 
to the PRA, and that if the Port doesn't notify travelers of their rights, no one will do so.
We urge the Port Commission to take immediate action to direct the posting of
appropriate signage informing travelers at Sea-Tac of their rights.
We would be happy to work with members of the Commission and Port staff to
assist you in developing appropriate signage to inform travelers of their rights.


Edward Hasbrouck
Consultant on travel-related civil liberties and human rights issues
The Identity Project

The Identity Project  Comments to the Seattle Port Commission  4/12/2020  page 3 of 3

From:            Mary L Stephenson
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Alaskan public comment for 12th & 26th commission meeting
Date:              Tuesday, April 12, 2022 5:02:59 AM
Attachments:      4.11.22 Port Seattle Commission April 12&26th meetings by MLS.pdf
Importance:       High

WARNING: External email. Links or attachments may be unsafe.

To Whom It May Concern....
Good morning...meeting today's deadline (0800 hours) please accept my
comments for Port of Seattle Commission meeting today. Please REPLY that it
was accepted...thank you.
Mary L Stephenson
Ketchikan Alaska 99901
(907) 254-2121
email: mlstephenson2017@gmail.com

In 2019, busiest day was Thursday when 7 ships delivered over 14,000 passengers plus crew occupying
three city docks and one privately owned dock who leases back to City of Ketchikan. In 2020, Port at
Ward Cove (8 miles north) built the longest pier ever in USA. When Norwegian Cruise Lines hosts their 
world class ships Bliss and Encore on the same day, add another 9,000 souls plus transportation to the
April 11, 2022            mix. Less than 40 miles, the State of Alaska Tongass Hwy 7 traverses through land jurisdiction of local, 
state, federal, native and Alaska Mental Health Land Trust. Cruise ships originate in Seattle, Vancouver 
B.C. and/or Victoria B.C. Regulations begin with you; let NOAA Ocean Rangers enforce them here.  MLS 
April 11, 2022 
Port of Seattle Commission 
Subject: Impact of cruise industry on smaller seaports in Southeast Alaska 
On behalf of this small seaport, I would like to thank Port of Seattle Commission reaching out to Alaskans
and asking what, if any, impact the cruise industry has on Ketchikan; a population just under 8,300 yeararound
residents that explode another 4,000 seasonal workers in spring. Topics from A to Z  plenty! 
Tourism has been my career for over 33 years based out of San Francisco extending into 15 western
states, Canada and Mexico meet-greet dockside and airport along with conducting tours while driving 
a tour bus. Historically, Ketchikan's industries have been depleting timber, mining and seafood just like
tourism is putting a strain on our Number One asset  air, land, and sea wildlife; residents quality of life,
sustainability of environment and burden on its infrastructure. The population of taxpayers is maxed
out as CLAA and CLIA cruise CEOs mantra has been 'what is mine is mine and what's yours is mine'; 
refusing municipalities authority to impose passengers' an impact fee to pay for infrastructure (we
believeif they used it ~ they can pay for it). If we partner with water-side or upland projects cruise
brands expect preferential long term agreements that lessen our ownership to city-owned docks. 
When port commissioners of Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria decide what is best for their community's
sustainability, enforcing regulations constraining air, land and sea pollution and set limits on passenger
capacity on ships especially 'The Mall of America' flotilla world class ships  their efforts protect, benefit 
and minimizes bullying tactics here in Alaska's southeast seaports. We do not have the regulatory clout
or financial resources to combat these issues and they take advantage of that. It starts with debarkation.
Not in compliance? Then ships do not promote Alaska! To protect a whale it requires protecting
the ocean's habitat. Collectively we have advocacy groups ready to join our bigger brothers and sisters! 
Thank you. Mary L. Stephenson 
Recent review and report are worthy a mention. 
1) Marine Pollution Bulletin Review: Environmental and human health impacts of cruise tourism: A review 
by Joseph Loret, Arnau Carreno, Hrvoje Caric, Joan San, Lora E. Fleming Bulletin: 173 (2021) 112979 
2) Missing The Boat: Comparative Economic Impacts of Cruise & Non-Cruise Tourism in Greater Victoria, B.C. 
btpDNTAhd3tzi233Etn-qeo28s5S1CrK2nc8VrU Should Canada deny or begin to regulate ships while in port, data within will
aide Southeast Alaska seaports prepare for consequences. 
Mary L. Stephenson Ketchikan Alaska 99901 (907) 254-2121 mlstephenson2017@gmail.com

From:            Jordan Van Voast
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           Re: [EXTERNAL] public comment
Date:              Monday, April 11, 2022 9:09:19 AM
Attachments:      Public Comment 4.12.22.docx
Thank you...and here are my written comments (attached) for tomorrow's meeting. 
have a peaceful day,

Good afternoon Commissioners, My name is Jordan Van
Voast. For two and a half years Seattle Cruise Control has been
amplifying voices from the IPCC, climate scientists, and front-line
communities, but business as usual is still the norm. This
Commission continues to promote and fund cruise tourism,
despite statements to the contrary. 
Many years ago, I left my job in corporate America to live on a
small island. I was searching for answers because I knew modern
global culture was Koyaanisqatsi1 - dangerously out of balance. 
Native people from many different tribes speak about prophecy
that unless we learn to live in harmony with natural laws and
within ecological limits, we will destroy this world. Are we heeding
their teachings or just glibly repeating land acknowledgments? 
The cruise ship business model is an ecological and societal
wrecking ball. In order to restore balance each one of us needs to
make a courageous stand for sustainable and compassionate
stewardship of our world. But first, we need to fully acknowledge
the gravity of the problem and that requires listening to voices
outside the echo chamber of capitalism which puts profit above all
Seattle Cruise Control suggests that at your upcoming Cruise
Study Session you include experts on the economic, social, and
ecological impacts of cruise - people like Dr. Martha Honey, Ph.D.
and Dr. Ross Klein, Ph.D who could widen your perspectives and
allow for a diversity of voices to be heard. Please stop
greenwashing cruise which is an unsustainable business.
Countless lives and the web of life itself are at stake and we are
running out of time. Thank you. 

1 Koyaanisqatsi from the Hopi language meaning "life out of balance", also the title of a movie in
1982 which depicted the apocalyptic collision between urban life, technology, and the

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