8e. Presentation

Shilshole Bay Marina X Dock Rehabilitation

Item No.: 8e_Supp
Date: May 10, 2022
Shilshole Bay Marina:
X Dock Rehabilitation
Commission Meeting | May 10, 2022
Kenneth R. Lyles  Director of Maritime Operations and Security
Darrel Dare  Senior Manager, Recreational Boating
Julie Yun  Capital Project Manager
Mark Longridge  Capital Project Manager

X Dock    Fixed Pier
1. Commission Request
2. Project Context
3. Alternatives Considered
4. Timeline
5. Questions


Action Requested
Request Commission Authorization from the Executive Director to:
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to advertise
and execute a major public works construction contract for the Shilshole
Bay Marina X-Dock Rehabilitation in the amount of $1,200,000 (total
authorization $1,650,000).


Project Context: Location
X Dock       Fixed Pier

North Dry

Shilshole Bay Marina                                            X Dock at Shilshole Bay Marina

Project Context: Current Condition


Project context: Scope
Supporting Structure ("Substructure")            X Dock     Fixed Pier
Replace 20 existing creosote timber piles
with 13 steel piles utilizing waterside
crane barges to minimize construction
North Dry
Superstructure (not in scope)
Retain superstructure for the remainder
of its service life.


Alternatives Considered
Alternative 1: No/delayed action (Not Recommended)
Cost Implications: Reduced cost for avoiding work but potential for increased maintenance cost related to more
advanced repair needs in the future.
Pros:     1. Preserve Port capital funding and resources for other priority projects and financial initiatives.
Cons:    1. Potential integrity risk to the overall pier structure due to continued deterioration.
2. Potential commercial/financial risk due unplanned maintenance and implementation of load restrictions to
facility operations.
Alternative 2: Proceed with current design (Recommended)
Cost Implications: Allocation of $1,200,000 in the Capital Plan.
Pros:     1. Address deterioration of the supporting structure.
2. Improved service life with steel piles, as compared to the existing timber piles.
3. Replace creosote timber piles with more environmentally-friendly steel piles.
Cons:      1. Higher upfront capital cost.
2. Limited temporary construction impacts.


Project Timeline
Activity                                                              Date
Commission Design Authorization (complete)                January 2021
Commission Construction Authorization                       May 2022
Design and Permitting Complete                              May 2022
Advertise Construction                                        June 2022
Construction Start                                            October 2022
In-use date                                                   March 2023




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