8b. Presentation

Water Reservation Rehabilitation Project at SEA

Item No. 8b_supp
Meeting Date: May 24, 2022
Water Reservoir Rehabilitation
Commission Presentation
May 24, 2022

Project Location & Justification

Project Scope
Replacement of interior and exterior coatings, and several other surfaces
Cathodic protection system improvements
Rebuild interior and exterior access ladder to meet safety codes
Replace hardware including nuts, bolts, cables, and pulleys
Install tank sampling ports
Valve vault drain line improvements
Cleaning/Removing vegetation between the pavement joints and around the
perimeter of the concrete foundation
Repairing broken concrete curb around the base of the water reservoir

Existing Conditions

Significant rust on interior tank surfaces                             Bubbling/failing of interior coating

Existing Conditions

Significant rust on interior tank surfaces

Existing Conditions

Cap Vent                                              Telemetry boxes
Moderate rust needs removal                                    Deteriorated coating

Existing Conditions

Access Manway                                   Outlet Pipe
Rusted nuts & bolts need replacement                Deteriorating coating, rusted nuts & bolts

Existing Conditions

Vegetation around perimeter of reservoir                              Damaged concrete curb

= High      = Medium      = Low
Risk                        Impact       Probability                      Mitigation Plan
Application of reservoir coatings may be                                       Work with the design team to understand the proper
time sensitive                                                                 weather conditions the coatings should be applied in
and phase the work accordingly.
Encountering lead or asbestos containing                                     Conduct a Good Faith Survey

Labor and material shortages, and supply                                     Work with design team to anticipate any long lead
chain issues as a result of COVID-19                                            items

Project Cost and Schedule
Cost Breakdown                             This Request        Total Project 
Design Phase                                   $1,000,000          $1,150,000 
Construction Phase                                      $0          $2,019,000 
Total Project                                        $1,000,000           $3,169,000 
We are here
Design Start Q2, 2022
Construction Start: Q4, 2023
Project in Use: Q3 2024


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