8d. Presentation

Load Dock Employee Screening Project at SEA International Airport

Item No. 8d_supp
Meeting Date: June 28, 2022

Load Dock Employee Screening
June 28, 2022
Port Commission Meeting
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

   Project Purpose
•     This project is required in order to meet the Airport’s goal of full employee
screening. This will help ensure safe and secure operations by ensuring
prohibited items are not brought into the sterile area.

•     Currently, there is access control to the secure side of the terminal on the
load dock, but no employee screening.

•     Employee screening on the load dock would be collocated with inspections
for deliveries in order to provide screening for employees, vendors,
contractors, and their personal items.



Do Not Depart
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orized entry
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   Proposed Screening Layout


   Rohde & Schwarz Quick Personnel Security Scanner


          Rapiscan 927DX X-Ray Machine


   Project Milestones


   Project Estimate
Cost Breakdown              This Request       Total Project

Design                             $398,000           $453,000

Construction                         $726,000            $726,000

Owner Furnished Equipment         $521,000           $521,000

To ta l                                                  $1,645,000                $1,700,000


       Thank you


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