10c. Presentation

Primary Fire Station

Item No. 10c_supp
Meeting Date: June 28, 2022
Primary Fire Station Continuing Operations
Preservation Project Authorization
June 28, 2022
Port Commission Meeting
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

            Primary Fire Station (Station 1)


                    Project Overview
Project to address Station 1 improvements needed to support continuing operational
use of existing facility until it is displaced by future development
1)  Address station mechanical system performance, air quality, and temperature control
2)  Improve dormitory accommodations
•  Air quality (circulation)
•  Bunk privacy
•  Response lighting vs task and ambient
•  Internet/wifi access


                    Settled Program
• Replace mechanical systems, including 2 AHU, that are past useful life
• Replace/upgrade electrical system including service transformer to support
mechanical system replacement
• Replace existing kitchen range including exhaust (coordinate with mechanical system)
• Renovate existing dormitory to better meet code, increase privacy and reduce noise
• Add/extend data infrastructure for individual internet/wifi access points in dormitory
• Modify/upgrade CAD-RMS/FSA (computer automated dispatch/alarm notification
system for unit call-out) to support dormitory renovation objective
• Implement two SPARC initiatives – installation of a bike rack and electric vehicle
charging stations for Port fleet use


                  Target Project Schedule
•  Design Start: 3Q 2022
•  Pre-Construction Start: 1Q 2023
•  Enabling and Early Work Start: 3Q 2023
•  90% Design Milestone: 2Q 2024
•  Approved MACC (maximum allowable construction cost): 3Q2024
•  Substantial Completion: 3Q 2025
•  Close out: 3Q 2026


              GC/CM- Contract Overview
•  Pre-construction phase ($2M)
•  GC/CM to determine enabling and early works opportunities
– “extra chair” temporary dormitory accommodations
– Long lead equipment
•  Construction phase ($15M)
•  Expect SC/CMs to be pursued (MC and possible EC)


                   Action Requested
Approval of a total project budget in the amount of $25,000,000, and to immediately start
this Hot Project by authorizing $7,000,000 to:
1) Complete design
2) Use General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) contracting method
3) advertise a GC/CM construction contract, select a GC/CM contractor, and execute a
pre-construction services contract including enabling construction and early work
4) Execute change orders over $300,000 where cost is within authorized budget
5) Include and use a Project Labor Agreement as part of the GC/CM contract, and
6) Use Port crews



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