8g. Memo

Everbridge Emergency Notification Software Contract Authorization

AGENDA MEMORANDUM                        Item No.          8g 
ACTION ITEM                            Date of Meeting    September 27, 2022 
DATE:     September 16, 2022 
TO:        Stephen P. Metruck, Executive Director 
FROM:    Krista Sadler, Director Technology Delivery 
SUBJECT:  Everbridge Emergency Notification Software Contract Authorization 
Contract Value:                         $400,000 
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to execute a contract extension
with Everbridge for Emergency Notification software for a period not-to-exceed five years in an
amount not-to-exceed $400,000 over the five-year period. There is no funding request associated
with this authorization. 
The Everbridge system was procured in 2013 via a competitive procurement for a Port-wide
emergency notification system. It is used extensively by Emergency Preparedness, Aviation
Operations, Police and Fire Departments, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
to notify targeted groups or mass audiences of operational issues, support call-outs, or
emergency information. The system enables Port and external individuals to set up multiple
contact options and captures responses to track successful notifications. Over the last nine years,
the Port has significantly enhanced workflows for efficient communication within the Everbridge
system that supports monthly usage comprised of approximately 500 notifications to over 67,000
This authorization will extend the current contract through October 2027. Annual costs are
budgeted in the ICT Operating Budget. 
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