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9/13/22, 8:21 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] PUBLIC COMMENT for September 13, 2022
Iris Antman 
Tue 9/13/2022 8:03 AM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.

Dear Port Commissioners,
Here is my written testimony for today’s meeting.
Written Comment for Port Commission Meeting of 9/13/22
Nearby wildfires,13 days above 90 degrees (a new record), ongoing drought, all symptoms of our 
worsening climate crisis came together in Seattle this weekend. Gov. Inslee announced that we had the 
worst air quality of a major city in the world on Saturday. Having lung disease and not wanting to expose 
myself to the unhealthy air I didn’t go outside all weekend or on Monday. How privileged I am to have a 
home to be in. Not so for unhoused neighbors. Nor do a few days of unhealthy air compare to one third 
of Pakistan being underwater due to devastating floods, killing 1300 people and displacing more than a 
No serious person continues to deny that human caused climate change is destroying our environment, 
climate, desertifying our land, acidifying our oceans, causing mass extinction of tens of thousands of 
species and killing hundreds of thousands of humans. And though here in Seattle the effects are minor, 
relatively speaking, they are evident. Some officials are responding. Our city energy codes are being 
upgraded to phase out gas in new construction and towards renewable electric power for home and 
water heating, and even cooking. EVs are becoming more popular and EV infrastructure is being 
planned and built.
Here at the Port you’ve worked on creating shore power possibilities and used solar panels on building 
roofs. This is important but it’s not nearly enough. While the maritime industry begins to address 
transitioning to clean renewable power to move cargo, the Port is growing its cruise business and 
investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into increasing cruise tourism.
With all due respect, this is unconscionable and disrespectful. To say in one moment that you’re 
reaching your climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement and then pouring thousands into how to 
increase global cruise tourism from Seattle to Alaska makes no sense. Though clean power sources for 
large ships may be possible in the future, it’s a long way off, decades possibly. And we must stop 
pumping carbon into the atmosphere now. Transporting cargo is one thing, cruising is another. Cruising 
is an unnecessary activity available to a small percentage of the world’s population and causing harm to 
the majority of the world’s population. 
As Port Commissioners you have an oversized responsibility to your community, to the region, and to 
the world. You act as if your primary allegiance is to the cruise industry. But the cruise industry owners 
don’t care about you or Seattle or the melting glaciers. They care about their business model which does 
not take into consideration the harm their business practices cause.
https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/2

       9/13/22, 8:21 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook

Cruise vacations no longer have a place in today’s world. It is time to transition to businesses and 
industries that nurture rather than destroys life.
Iris Antman
Iris Antman

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   2/2

Dear Port of Seattle Executive Director Stephen Metruck and Port Commissioners,

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers work at the 160th Airport waiting lot every day. We demand a humane rest area.
We call on the Port of Seattle to expand plans for a driver rest area to include covered space for drivers to rest, eat
and pray, in addition to sanitary bathroom facilities.

Abdelwohab tbrahim       Mahad Aden              Genene Lema                Muhamad Diallo             Muhammad Butt             Mohan Singh Dhindsa           Mamuye Huro               Jagat Biswa
Ahmed Dubad            Guangzhou Yang            Ganna siraj                 Nasir Egal                  Hassan Gedi Ali              Awll Ali                    William Saunders             Alemayhu Assres
Mohamed Mohamed        Allah ditta Sandhu           Francis Gemfi                Alex Ruhumbika             William Ezell                Eyuel Tirore                 Sona Chann                Biruk Bezabih
Abdirahman Olad         Ammar Saadoon            Bogale Tenagne              Cotilda Patience Mukandoli      Shelkhnoor Idow             Yitayal Alaminie              Abdirahman Saleban           Lakhvinder Mroke
Zenebe Abaruski          Abdifatah Elmi             Alem Fitsum                Mohamed Hakeem Kaznl        Oscar Oree                 Tesfaye Delelu               Tewodros Damtie             chenglin zhang
Ayele Gebremariam        Ahmed Ahmed             Ahmed Farah                Ahmed Kabuye              Suminder Singh              Afshan Malik                Yahye Abdi                 Muhaddin Sulub
Ibrahim Mosse           Mohamed All              Esmelealem Tiumelesan         Abdi Aden                 Yonas Ahmed                Mohammed Omar             Mohammad Sharif            Gordon Owens
Kok Ayom              Gagandeep Singh           Adam Abdi                 Amin Abdulgadir             Xinh Do                   Dexter Rietman              Ahmed Mahamoud            Amiir Adan
Abdi Elias               Kamaljeet Singh            Adan Gaal                  Abiyu Ewunetu              Azanaw Tessema             Daniel A Bayou               Abdidahir Ali                Kim Kuangsou
Abdikadir Gamadid        Abera Hailemariam          Abukar Isaak Yousuf           Hassan Yusuf               Eskinder Kiflemariam          Sukhchain Banwait            Melaku Massore             David Kolesnikov
Mohammad Hakim         Teshome Glzaw             Trinh Nguyen                Mohamed Douale            Kamyar Taher               Nabat Ahmed                Promise Bohora              Nikolai Orekhov
Abdi Ali                Robert Kim               Yesuf Abdissa                Habtamu Tadesse             Nematullah Akhundzada        Ranjot Singh                Farah Hussein               Monique Tenison
Tamrat Waktolla          Fadarro Bowles            Benyam Halu               Pardeep Singh               Omar Moalk                Kanwal Jit Vohra              Abdul Hashim! Qayum          Modou Bah
Daniel Shimelis           Alemaya Wak              Maxamud Jimcale             Sidi Ali Sammama             Ramon Castro               Abdul Saboor Ghafari           Elhadi tbrahim               Majed ¥
Abdi Nor               Yusuf Hussein              Yasin Abdo                 Abdirashid Farah             Kwabena Ansah              Karsimi Konneh              Abelardo Serantes            Lois Danks
Osman Mahamed          Nasrudin Hassan            Abdisalan Dirir               Kadir Mohammed muktar       Bradford Girdley             Fekadu Dagnew              Gary Chen                 Vedang Patel
Badrum                Mohamed Hujale            Besnik Balla                 Nathan Tafesse              Abdi Jama                  Uty Shou                   Feda Rakhdhani              Henry Noble
Kebkab Mamo            Khadar Mohamed           Don Creery                 Erkan Okten                Ibrahim Warrlyo              Mamadou Ndiaye             Mohamed ldleh              Anne Slater
Sayid Omar             Wahiib Al                Essam Elmubarak             Seyedeh maryam Jalall         Moustapha Diop              Mohammed Al Ameen          Chris Odell                 Marian Sunde
Tsegaye Gebru           Jemal Geleto              Mohamed Muse              Joseph Oman               Henok Gebreselassle           Isaac-Francis Githinji           Steve Khuu                 Joel Vancil
Kasahun Mengesha        Assegid Tafesse             Abdulkadir Mohamed          Igbal Singh                 Simrandeep Singh Dhaliwal       Robert Whitlock              Sleng Lee                  Hamid Faqori
Mohmud Sharawe         Arron lacoluccl             Abdulsemed Shafi             Muhumed Yussuf             aberahandiso               Guiguan Huang               Abdinasir Yasin              Susan Docekal
Riley Harmon            Anm Rahman              Kevin Matta                Roda Matan                Elhadj Barry                Atem Yel                   Mohamed Abdi              Jeff
Elisabeth Gebraamlak       Abdiqani Omar             Mebrat Ghebretsion           Hassan Hajl                Adam Issak                 Ricardo Santos               Abdikarim Mohamud          Abdul Fatah Ahmed
MingChen              Muhummad Aden           Emmanuel Arhin              Hicham Zaki                Natnael Gebremedhi           Copllam Ssenkaall             Hassan                   Patrick Burns
Tenaw Abat             Abdinasir Abdikafi           Dahir Haji-Yusuf              Muse Abdallah              Abdoul A Diop               Bruce Davies                Demes Guangul              Yassin Shire
Mahammed Jamel         Montasir Abdelaziz          Sayed Hakimi                Ferah Abdu                Salhadin Hagos              Abdelrahman Mustafa          Anwar Dihan                Merhawi Habteab
Mohamed Islow           Mohamud Hassan           Aneyso Bekelcha             Adam Warfa                Idrissa Sagna                Arslan Arslan                Kassim Bullo                Abraham Sabalsa
Mohamed lbraham         Moro Dema               Lemi Dosa                  Yared Imam                Mohammed Alrubaye          Adan Abdullahi               Abdirazak Jama              Mussie Gebremeskel
Mohamed Farah          Ranvir Minhas             Addisu Dulla                Terry McCaw               Abdirahmaan All             Abdullah Shakul              Miftah Shifa                Abdi Bashir
Sahal Mohamed           Mohammed Islam           Khadar Mohammed            Yusuf All                  Lawrence Montgomery         Ahmed Elwaseh              Endale Mangudo             Mahad Ali
Xirsi Geedi              Umer Boshir               Mohamud Mohamed           Abdullah Bilal               Degefe Hocheso              Fred Kirumira                Geedan Geele               Jagdish Singh
Mohamed Jama           Wisam Jasim              Alemseged Abraham           Jeong Lee                  Qasim kamoona              Ahmed Omer Ali              Farah Mohamet              Keith Aldrich
Sadaq Mohamed          wald wazerl               Mohamed Hajir              Sald Ali                   Juan Cervantes              Thanh Nguyen               Mohamed Alisho             Allen Wheeler
Duoth Tut              Solomon Habteysus          Abdella Usman               Shahanun Imoro             Erick Gakuo                Wilson Njuguna              Abdulkadir Guled             Abdi Who
Sami Ullah              Moe Timirson              Rohit Bhatt                 Ahmed Abdi                tbrahim Aden                Naasir Ismall                Ibrahim Ismail               Hussen Abdirisaq
Ragge Adan             Awll Harun               Rozagul Totakhall             Ahmed Diryah               Mohammad din khairi          Assefa Kassa                Mohamed Dahir              Kirpal Singh
Siraje Hassan            Shemsu Abdo              All Elbakush                sanatullah Ghiasy            Todd Akiyama               Nam Nguyen                Mohamed Bashir             Abdull A Noor
Daimar Musa            Abdurahman Omar          Tadele Kebede               Mursal Husseln              Bakary Drammeh             Fentahun Molla               Kulac Mohamed              Mohammed Tounkara
Sahrah Farah            Botyo Aleksandrov          Seylifudine All               Mohamed Waglella           AH Al                    Aliou Bah                  Abulkadir Abduie olad          Abdi Usman
Ibrahima Bakhoum         Jama Abdi                Sadiq Shale                 Jorge Gaytan               Halder Al Sultan              Aqeel Alghazali               Doreen McGrath             Haile Godifay
Zerom Tedla             Adama Badini              Mohammed Seid              Moise Shutsha               Mohammad Ralskhail          Elsemani Ahmed              Mussa Kabba               Loreta Moreno
Aaden Aaby             Nansare Consolata          Faiz Hussein                Abdirashid Gablah            Alha]l Tunkara               Teshome Sanbato             Denis Sengider              All Abdella
Mohamed Ahmed         shamim beyzaee            Getachew shibeshi            Paramveer Singh             Keyse Ahmed               Julio Matamoros              Atakiti Kidanie              Kyle Bentley
{brahim Ali              Redwanur Rahman          Ebrahim Emam               Isa Abdullahi                Abdi Ahmed                Estifanos Hadgembes           Samuel Solomon             I. Abraham Desta
Abrha Naizghe           Niman Ismail Mohamed       Ahmedin brahim             Yaya Bamba                Raj Kumar                  Evariste Ouedraogo            Nabin Neupane              Jamal Ali
Isse Osman              Obaid Sidiqi               Muktar Essa                Ahmed Taha                Taty Susakani                Omar Salah                 Peter Idjagboro              Bablker Awad
Hassan Abdi             Mohamed Gahayr           Mariah Mitchell              Bahiru Abide               The Holmes                 Gassimou Diallo              Leo Tulayan                Hamdi Mohamed
Abdikhadar Jama          Robert Orgerone            Christopher Stamper           Aman Hussein               Ibrahim Ahmed              Abdullahi Abdisalan            Lall Kahlon                 Tuan Nguyen
Zelalem Kebede          Ahmed Hoosh              Talla Mbaye                 Osman Lohos               David Power                Angel Lefort                 Grant Wolloch               Mandeep Kaur
Rahimuliah Ahmadzal       mozhgan ebrahim!           Salih Abdi                  Abdi Abdi                  salvador ortiz               Weam Ben maatoug            Adelfo Garcia               Khalid Bennacer
Abubakar Mohamed        Issa Omar                Mohamed Mohamud           Mursal Adam               Ebrima Tunkara              haider Muslim               Abdirahman Mohamwd         Meng Zhou
Aden Mubarak           Adam Noor               Michael Kidane              Salim All                  Ashenafi Gebremarime         ELamin Elkkheder              Mamadou Balde              Tyler Li
Abdikhaadir Mahamud      Abayneh Alemayehu         David Michaels               Abdiweli Malin              Beverly Walker              Francis Githambo             Mohammad St               Benson Mbugua
Kadar Mohamed          Sisay Tadesse              Ayub Hussen                Amjed Syed                Behallu Mohammed           Mohmud Moalin              Surafel Geda                Salim Said
Mohamed Isse            Meron Janka              Abdul Parwani               Abdimajid Mohammed         Sandu Sandu                Abdisamad Osman            Mohammed Karimu           Tariku Koppessa
Abdirashid Mohamed       Khedr Elmi                Augustus Bartels Dawson-Ahmoah  Abdifatah Ahmed             Adera Molla                John Pleasant                Mohanned Hakim             Hassan Mahdi
Galetaw Assegedew Cherle   Hamidreza Ghaneabband      Yahya Malik                 Hassan Yasin                Nabil Abdallah               Mohamed Husa               Mark Artiushyk              Minale Lele
Manur Hassan            Keith Vowell              Aynekulu Kassaye Bisenebt       Borhan Adan               Zemenfes Nalzgi              Lamine Soumaoro             Hassan Mohamud            Ahmed Dahir
Abdulkadir Adan          Shahpoor Teezab            Derge Gudura               Abdalla Ali                 Omar Isse                  Fromsa Chala                Simon Okelo                Corey Mann
Nuuredin Ahmed          Jesse Herzog              Emi! Augustine               Muqgtaar muhamud            Samuel Kebede              Abera Lako                 Yewondwossen Adefris         Bereket Beyene
yesuf Belalto            OmarWarsame             Daulat Ram                 Wahidullah Aziz             Haimadu Tunkara             David Ngigi                 Malin Ahmed               Salad Mohammed
Gregorio Apelo           Hils Hashi                Kibrom Okbagaber            Benjamin Carlos Cristobal       Sharif Ali                  Eric Wami                  Christopher Lovings           Bruce Brodski
Ahmad Totakhyl          Tilahun Ayalew             Yassine Toull                Nze Lobota                 Yusuf Mohammed             Muataz Al Bdairi              Michael Ngo                Gena Kimo
Khan Hamdard           Desalegn Dane             Kiflom Ande                Salahuddin Majed            Eyoble! Baire                Faisal Khan                 All Owjama                 Mustafa Bare
Quoc Hua              Abebaw Adeba             Jaseph Allen                Yaxye Muxamed             Min. W. D. Patterson           Mohammed Ghafar}            Ibrahim Dahir               Hwi An
Deeq Ahmed             Hussein Farah             Samuel Umetin               Hamza Abdi                Osman D Slyaad              Abdul Ahmadi               Abelimasir Ali               Yared Getachew
Hassan Adin             Yosef Gebreegziabher        Nicole Goodall               Sidki Kamara               Nasir Shafi Muhammad         Amir Hassan                Alzed Jamal                Ziauddin Arezo
Mohamed Araale          Temesghen Tesfai           Ahmed Hassan               Abass Doumbouya            ghirmay ghebrezghl            Sayed Tahiri                 Afatu Afatu                Talina Cruz
Mohammed All           Aktar Kabir               Aly Toure                  Gawas Hasan               Amadou Fadiga              Asmarom Woldemichael         Jatinder Gill                Lanae Myles
Henry Mills             Tamrat Haye              Mohammed Yemane           Luanne Hix                 Amos Pudi                 Demba Toure                Walter Pawelko              Kelis Hopkins
Gebretsadik Woldetsadik    Hassan Osman             Sefer Zeqiraj                John kiunga                Taranjit Singh                LaDonna Fofana              Thomas Sima                Caitlin Paitenier
Mohamed Gari           Omar All                 Farah Ahmed                Mohamed Salama            Danieal Mekonen             Serigne Samb                Parbhur Jhaf]                Rebecka Hawkins
Ycohannes Gebremariam     Mohamed Gedi             Kaleabr Gizaw               David Kwon                Arif Mohamed               SarAh Kau                  Anthony Rivera              Giglh Satya
Adam Gai               Samrawet Kidane           Negawo Gemeda             Alex Karanja                Getachew Ashenafi            Mehmet Oztosun
Eli brahim              Kamal Farah               Leo Lei                    Randy McGuire              Ahmed mahmoud             Hussein Boru
Seydou Soumbounou       Leyla Ismall Warsame Warsame  Jitalu Akmel                 Kobena Agbro               Ryan Vandecasteyen           Ghanlim Aljobori
Liban Mohamed          Ahmed Roble              Asil Babakarkhil              Mustafa Tutiu               Sayed Sadat                Taiyeb Igeh
Abbas Yusuf             Ibrahim Sabe              Dirie Halane                Mohamed Hassan            Tegene Demissie              ting LI
Abdirahman Hersi         Ibrahim Abdella            Muktar Ali                 Regean Kaddu               Yusuf Hassan                Luqmaan Abdulahi Worsame
Mohamed Duntow         Cheng Huang              Awrangzib Teezab             All Noor                   Fatimah Vorapheth            Abdul Had! Had!
Hassan Olad             Khader Abi               Abdiaziz Ali                 Abdirahman Mohamed Ysef      Melaku Gebre               Martha Lucas
llymdar Mozmanov        Habtamu Chalka            Abdu Abdu                 David Wolf                 Abdullahi Abukar             Abdulahl Ahmed
Nasir All               Ghion Felema              Mohamed Diallo              Cabdiraxman Adam           Sald Mohamed               chelosaetern
Ahmed Mohamed         Guled Mohamed            Gai Wie                   Mawiir Akok Deng            sang jang                  Adan Abdi               Drivers Union


9/12/22, 8:57 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] public comment
Jordan Van Voast 
Sat 9/10/2022 4:23 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.

Hi Michelle, Hope you are staying healthy during this terrible smoke wave we are having right now.
Please sign me up for public comment at noon this Tuesday. Topic: Board of Ethics. Attached is my
written comment. 
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE -- This email is intended only for the person(s) named in the message header. Unless otherwise indicated, it contains
information that is confidential, privileged and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you have received this message in error, please notify
the sender of the error and delete the message. Thank you. 
Every single act of kindness makes all the difference in the world. 
Jordan Van Voast, Licensed Acupuncturist 
on Duwamish/coast Salish traditional land 
CommuniChi Acupuncture Clinic 
2109 31st Ave. S. 
Seattle, WA 98144 
CommuniChi Acupuncture website 
CommuniChi Facebook 
CommuniChi You Tube
Dharma Friendship Foundation (DFF) Website 
Facebook DFF 

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/1

          My name is Jordan Van Voast. I’d like to thank Chief of Staff
Pritchard, Clerk Hart, and Mr. Emsky for interviewing me for the
Board of Ethics position. Congratulations to Ms. Pulsifer on her
appointment. Anyone who volunteers for an unpaid position
with wide public responsibility deserves respect and
admiration. I offer these thoughts about the Ethics Board:
First, I note in the application posted on the Port’s website that
“Members may not be a Port Commissioner or employee of
the Port.” In order to avoid the appearance of a conflict, I
would recommend that be amended to also include “any
former employee of the Port.” With all due respect to Ms.
Pulsifer’s distinguished career, it raises ethical concerns when a 
former employee fills a position as an ethics judge at the 
institution that previously paid her salary. 
Second, isn’t there also a conflict when the Commission staff 
chooses the Ethics Board members tasked with investigating
the very people that they serve? Widespread concern was
recently expressed when a former President undergoing
criminal investigation was granted a Special Master by a judge
that he appointed. How is this situation different from an
ethical viewpoint? 
I have no reason to doubt the integrity of any of the current
Port Commissioners. However, I believe we have a complex
institutional problem that operates unconsciously in decision
makers of most elected bodies. Ethical governance needs to be
accountable not only to the public, but to the planet and to

          future generations of life, and that requires a new kind of
ethical thinking. Institutions which operate within the capitalist
paradigm have thus far been notoriously slow to acknowledge 
this problem, hence the need for greater transparency and true
independent oversight.


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