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9/27/22, 8:26 AM

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[EXTERNAL] No to mega cruise ships
Linda Carroll 
Mon 9/26/2022 9:31 PM

To: Commission-Public-Records 

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To the Commission:
As a native of Seattle, I am profoundly disturbed that the Port of Seattle encourages mega cruise ships in
Puget Sound. Their waste and fuel pollute the air and water, their noise disturbs marine life—especially
our endangered orca—and disrupts the ecosystem. Mega cruise ships frequently violate regulations,
avoid paying taxes, and subject employees to poor working conditions and pay. The day visitors that
they bring add little to the economy.
Please rescind your support for mega cruise ships, which damage or destroy much that is of value and
add little.
Linda Carroll
215 West Waverly Place
Spokane, Washington 99205
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