8g. Presentation

Rental Car Curbside Assistance

Item no. 8g_supp
Meeting Date: January 10, 2023

Rental Car Curbside
Assistance Contract

January 10, 2023
Port of Seattle Commission

Request to Commission: Authorization for a new curbside assistance contract up to five
years in duration (1st year with four 1-year options) with a total contract value not to
exceed $5 million.
Scope of Services
Rental car shuttle curbside Assistants provide the following services in support of rental
car shuttle operations at the Main Terminal and RCF:
•   Baggage loading and unloading
•   Queue management
•   Passenger information and customer service
•   Bus parking assistance and logistics

 Key Facts
•   Rental car shuttles serve over 4 million
passengers annually
•   Current contract expires in April 2023
•   Bags Inc. is current contractor providing about
20 hours of curbside assistance every day.
•   Curb assistance is a CFC-eligible expense related
to the common busing operation
•   Supports 10+ full time employees at the airport
•   Consistent service since program inception

Year-round service: provide sufficient funding to maintain full-time curbside assistance
schedule based on current operational needs at the RCF and Main Terminal
– Addresses need for queue management and in-line customer service
– Supports ADA customers with mobility option at the curb
– Meets expectation of rental car companies
– Increases system efficiencies based on past study and recent experience
– Helps to meet customer service goals including 5-minute headways during peak hours


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