8j. Presentation

North Employee Parking Lot Improvements

Item No.        8j_supp
Date of Meeting     January 24, 2023
North Employee Parking Lot Improvements
Construction Authorization
for Phase 2

                   Project Location
North Employee Parking Lot
S 146th St
th Ave S
•  Parking for airport employees
•  4,122 parking stalls
•  11,170 parking permits
(maximum 12,000)


                  Project Purpose
Extend the life of the North Employee Parking Lot and improve customer
service and operational support.
•  Phase 1: Bus Shelters and limited site features
•  Phase 2: Failing infrastructure (retaining wall, electrical feeders) and way
finding signage
•  Phase 3: Pavement and underlying failing infrastructure (watermain, storm
channel drains) and potential EV parking expansion

               Project Scope (Phase 2)
Replacement of:
•  Failing rockery retaining wall
•  Failing electrical feeders
•  Aged wayfinding signage


       Project Budget and Schedule (Phase 2)
Previous Budget       $7,246,000    Key Schedule Milestones:
Budget Change       $1,632,000   • Construction Start: Q2 2023
Revised Budget        $8,878,000    • In-Use Date: Q4 2023
Current increase due to:
•  Retaining wall type (geotechnical


                    Cost Certainty

NEPL Phase 2



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