8c. Presentation

ILA Modification NREL Model Development

Item No. 8c_supp
Meeting Date: February 14, 2023
Modification to Interlocal Agreement (ILA)
with the National Renewable Energy
Adrian Down
Aviation Environmental

                      Past Work
• SEA has partnered with NREL Athena
team since 2021​
– Athena uses innovative data science to
evaluate travel patterns​
• NREL completed a passenger mode
choice simulator (MCS) model for SEA​
– Predicts passengers travel modes to SEA in
response to changes in trip cost or duration​
– Applicable to many Ground Transportation
Access Plan (GTAP) initiatives​

                2023 Workplan
• Current request adds $200,000
(approved in 2023 expense budget)
and new scope to existing ILA with
NREL to continue modeling work
• Will integrate SEA’s traffic model with
existing MCS to study traffic at SEA
• Improves model’s accuracy and
behavior predictive power


             Example Model Structure



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