8l. Presentation

International Tourism Marketing Initiative

Item No.  8l supp
Meeting Date: March 14, 2023

International Tourism Marketing
CATIII Agreement with
State of Washington Tourism

   Action Requested
• Approve $800,000 CATIII agreement for 2-year agreement with
State of Washington Tourism.
• All funds will be used for joint B2B international travel industry
marketing of the State of Washington, Seattle and Port
• Seeking exemption from competitive process due to specific
abilities of SWT


      Reestablishing the International Market
• Washington’s tourism economy will not fully recover until
international tourism fully recovers.
• International passengers still 24% below 2019 numbers.
• Increased competition from domestic and international
• Support builds foundation for long-term success by enhancing
existing markets and activating new ones.


          The Importance of International Visitors
• Longer visits to more destinations statewide
• More spending compared to domestic
• Visit during off-peak times – and weekdays
• Visit urban and rural areas
• Support non-stop SEA routes


                 Criteria for Priority Markets
•  Direct flights to SEA
•  ROI of B2B travel marketing
•  Visitor profile (Time off, Disposable income, Responsible travel)
•  Population
•  Affinity for US travel
•  Strength of cruise market
•  Visa waiver status


Priority Markets          Travel Trade              Travel Media
•   UK & Ireland            •   Sales Missions          •  Press Trip Hosting
•   Germany                •   Fam Tours               •  Conferences
•   Australia                •   Trainings                •  Outreach
•   Asia                     •   Trade Shows            •  Activations
•   France/Benelux        •   Co-ops/Ads
•   Activations


                    Partnership Priorities
• Establish  foundational  B2B  trade  and  media  efforts  in  Asia,
France/Benelux and the Nordics while elevating and enhancing efforts in
the UK, Australia and Germany.
• Educate the travel trade on Washington destination experiences,
itineraries and new content.
• Build relationships that create loyalty among travel trade, media and
other tourism producers.
• Inspire consumers to choose Washington as their vacation destination.
• Reflect the diversity and inclusivity of Washington throughout the
program of work.


                    Scope of Work
• Strategy and communication
• Regular meetings, shared strategy, establish metrics
• Shared in-market representation
• Ongoing foundational trade & media efforts
• All partners have access in each market
• Travel Trade & Sales Promotion
• Fams, missions, trade shows
• In-market activations
• Trainings and education


                 Budget Breakdown
Without Approval        With Approval
United Kingdom & Ireland                   $125,000              $180,000
Germany                             $60,000            $120,000
Australia                                        $50,000                $110,000
Asia (Japan, Korea, China)                            $0                 $75,000
France/Benelux                                 $0               $75,000
Fams/Media/Trade Events                   $55,000             $130,000
TOTAL                                 $290,000            $690,000
Note: The above totals will be further enhanced by Visit Seattle’s projected $1.175M international spend.


This agreement elevates the scope and effectiveness
of the Port/SWT partnership in the global tourism
market by strengthening the brand, reaching more
key markets, and driving vital international visitation
that helps benefit the Port, SEA Airport, SWT, and all



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