8c. Presentation

Fishermans Terminal Bank Building Demolition

Item No: 8c_Supp
Meeting date:  March 28, 2023
Fishermen’s Terminal
Bank Building (C-12) Demolition
Construction Authorization

Kelly Purnell – Capital Project Manager
Melinda Miller – Director, Real Estate Asset Management (Sponsor)
Jessica Carlson – Senior Real Estate Manager

Project # U00703

                Action Requested
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to:
1. Proceed with the demolition construction of the FT Bank
Building (C-12)
Project Estimated Cost: $496,000
Procurement Authorization Request: $446,000


                 Current Condition
•   Old building has been vacant for
several years
•   Break-ins have occurred
•   Not useable for a new tenant


                   Project Scope
Project Work:
•  Demolition of the existing Fishermen’s Terminal Bank Building (Building C-12) to
existing slab
•  Abatement of regulated materials
•  Small amounts of material salvage such as the bank vault door
•  Removal of existing landscaping including curb and gutter on the site
•  Capping of the utilities (water, sewer, electric); A handhole will be installed for the
electricity to provide for access for temporary power connection for construction
job shack in future
•  Crushed rock will be placed in existing landscape area


                  Preliminary Schedule

Design Completion                              2023 Quarter 1
Commission authorization for Construction    2023 Quarter 1
Construction start                                   2023 Quarter 3
In-use date                                         2023 Quarter 4


Cost Estimate/Authorization Summary        Capital        Expense            To ta l
Current estimate                                     $0       $496,000      $496,000
Previous authorizations                               $0        $50,000       $50,000
Current request for authorization                      $0       $446,000      $446,000
Total authorizations, including this                      $0       $496,000       $496,000
Remaining amount to be authorized                  $0          $440            $0





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