8e. Presentation

Dock E and North Pier Improvements

Item No: 8e_Supp
Meeting Date: April 11, 2023

Harbor Island Marina Dock-E
Floats & North Pier Improvements
April 11, 2023

              Authorization Request
HIM Dock-E Floats & North Pier Improvements
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
advertise and execute a major works construction contract to
replace elements of Dock-E at Harbor Island Marina and increase
its overall vessel loading capacity. Total request for this action
will be $3,955,000 for a project total authorization of $5,000,000.


                     Project Location


        HIM Dock-E Existing Tenant Moorage


   HIM Dock-E Floats & North Pier Improvements
Scope of Work


        Sustainable Evaluation Framework
• Designated as Tier 2 project
• Sustainability Recommendations (Energy & Sustainability
Committee, July 2021) :
– Existing treated timber piles to be eliminated, reducing water quality impacts
– New steel piles and dock floats framework to be epoxy coated (rather than galvanized)
to reduce leaching of zinc into waterway
– Fiberglass grated decking on new dock floats to allow light penetration to the water
below while maintaining ADA accessibility
– High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe filled with buoyant foam material to provide
increased durability and corrosion resistance


     HIM Dock-E Floats & N. Pier Schedule
2020         2021         2022          2023          2024          2025
Q1│ Q2 │ Q3│Q4   Q1│ Q2│ Q3│ Q4   Q1 │ Q2│ Q3 │Q4   Q1 │ Q2 │ Q3 │ Q4   Q1 │ Q2 │ Q3 │ Q4   Q1│ Q2│ Q3│Q4
Bid & Award
In-water Work

= Commission Mee ting Authorization                          7

         Construction Schedule Milestones
Commission construction authorization       4/11/2023
Advertise for construction bids                4/13/2023
Construction Notice of Intent to Award       June 2023
(enabling start of materials procurement
by Contractor)
Construction Notice to Proceed issuance      Aug 2023
Phase I construction start                     12/15/2023
Phase 2 construction start                    12/15/2024
Substantial construction completion          3/31/2025


               Financial Summary
This Request   Total Project
Design and Permitting              $0    $1,045,000
Construction              $3,955,000    $3,955,000
Total                         $3,955,000     $5,000,000



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