10a. Presentation

Language Access Order

Item number: 10a_supp
Meeting Date: April 18, 2023
Language Access Order

Bookda Gheisar, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Tyler Emsky, Commission Office

         Highlights of the Language Access Order
• Makes language access a permanent, ongoing commitment by
the Port of Seattle in every department and every division.
– OEDI and ER to develop Language Access Guidance Manual for use by
departments in developing their plans.
– OEDI and ER to assist every department in developing/updating
annual Language Access Plans.
– Departments and divisions shall establish and/or update language
access plans on an annual basis starting no later than 2025.


                  Highlights (continued)
• Language Access Plans to consider the needs of people who
communicate using American Sign Language.
• Per authority granted by Salary and Benefits Resolution, prior
to the 2025 budget development process Human Resources
will propose a policy and compensation model for Port
employees who are tasked with translation services.
• OEDI and ER to report to the Commission and Executive
Director by February 2024 on the findings of language access

      Language Access Order Implementation Timeline
2023                                                     2024
Apr         Jun         Aug         Oct         Dec         Feb         Apr         Jun         Aug         Oct         Dec          2025
OEDI                               Apr 11 - Fe b 29                    Condu ct Department Assessments
External Relations               Ap r 11 - Sep 1         Condu ct prioritized s elf-assessment
Apr 11 - Fe b 29                                  Collab orate on Aviati on Division Ass essment
Apr 11 - Fe b 29                                  Develo p Language Ac cess Guidance Manual
Rep ort to Commis sion on finding s of
OEDI+ER                                      language a ccess assessme nts
Fe b 29
Provide techn ical assistance to
Ma r 1- Sep 30            Departments and Divisions t o establish
Language Acc ess Plans
Apr 11 - Fe b 29                                  Suppor t OEDI Depart  ment Assessme  nt
All Departments and                                                                         Mar 1 - Sep 1            Develo p and budget for Language A ccess Plan
Divisions                                                                                                Langua ge Access Plan s in Place, upd ated
annu ally going forw ard
J an 1
Human Resources                                   Apr 11 - Jun 1                             Develop Empl oyee Translati on Compensati on Model


               Thank You




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