8d. Presentation

PCS Facility Improvement

Item No.        8d_supp
Date of Meeting       May 9, 2023
Port Construction Services (PCS)
Facility Improvement (C801359)
Project Authorization

             Project Purpose and Scope
Provide facilities for PCS including a replacement crew operations modular
building and expanded logistics space for work vehicles, equipment,
employees, and visitors.
•  Demolition of existing and installation of replacement crew operations
modular building
•  Expansion of logistics area include lighting, security, landscaping, storm
water facilities, sidewalk, and a new access gate

                   Project Location
Existing CNG      N
Fueling Facility

S 1 96th S t
Existing Building to be Replaced

Existing PCS
28 Ave S th

            Additional Project Information
•  SEA is evaluating property needs for airport operations resulting in
phased approach for the PCS Facility
– This project supports construction operations for the next five years
– Additional investment is required to fully support PCS and is currently
being planned
•  Requires termination of existing month-to-month CNG Fueling Facility
Lease (estimated revenues $2,800 per month)
– Requires change to backup fueling operational plans for SEA
employee parking and rental car transit operations
•  Early work phase providing temporary increase in logistics area

             Project Budget & Schedule
Project Budget:                      Key Schedule Milestones:
Original Budget: $5,100,000          • Design Start: Q2 2023
•  Construction Start: Q4 2023
•  In-Use Date: Q2 2024


                  Cone of Certainty

We are here

           Project Risks and Opportunities
Risk /
Description       Probability   Impact      Mitigation Plan
Long lead material                                        PCS/ICT to identify lead times
Risk                                                  H              M
procurements extend schedule                                 and order equipment early
Demolition of existing trailer
PCS to complete good faith
Risk            may encounter regulated            H               L
survey prior to demolition
Crew operations modular                                 Modular building requirements
Opportunity                                        M            M
building can be repurposed                                  support construction field office



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