10a. Presentation

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Pilot Program

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Meeting Date: May 23, 2023
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Pilot Program

Sarah Cox, Director, Aviation Environment and Sustainability
Stephanie Meyn, Climate Program Manager

• Background
• Purpose of the Pilot Program
• How the Pilot Program Will Work
• Anticipated Timeline
• Authorization Request


           Port Goal to Reduce Emissions
Port has several goals and strategies to reduce aircraft-related
emissions and increase use of sustainable aviation fuel:
•   Century Agenda: Reduce GHG and air pollutant
emissions 50% by 2030
•   10% SAF at SEA by 2028
•   Sustainable Aviation Fuel Strategic Plan


          Purpose of the SAF Pilot Program
SEA Airport will purchase the air pollution emission reduction
benefits of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from airlines.
•     Test an innovative airport program to buy SAF air pollution (aka
“non-CO2”) attributes
•     Understand SAF delivery & supply chain issues
•     Make progress on our 10% SAF by 2028 goal and Century
Agenda goals



Energy Attributes of SAF            Environmental Attributes of SAF

Lower Lifecycle
Propulsion                                                  Fewer Air
GHG Emissions          Pollutants


Lower Lifecycle GHG Emissions                       Fewer Air Pollutants
$                  ?       $
Regulatory                 Voluntary            Regulatory                  Voluntary
Established Attribute Market                        Launching a Market

            Benefits of the Pilot Program
• Develop and gain experience in SAF attribute market
• Better understand SAF delivery supply chain
• Compared to jet fuel, SAF combustion reduces Scope 3
emissions and creates:
 80% less ultrafine particulate
 90% less sulfur


            How the Program Will Work
• $1 million total available
• Port will pay the equivalent of $1 per gallon of
“neat” or pure SAF used at SEA
• Airlines will submit evidence of total SAF
delivered in 2023 to receive single payment
from Port for air pollution reduction attributes


                Anticipated Timeline
• June – Release contract & specific program details to airlines
• July – Airlines begin signing agreements with Port
• SAF deliveries until Dec 31
• Jan/Feb - One-time payments to airlines


               Authorization Request
Authorization for the Executive Director to execute contracts
with eligible airlines for air pollution emission reductions of
qualifying sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) fueled and used at
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as part of a pilot project not
to exceed a total cost of $1,000,000.



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