8c. Presentation

Boiler Room Upgrades

Item No. 8c_supp
Meeting Date: May 23, 2023
Boiler Room Upgrades
Joe Cook            Presenter: Tyler Salisbury - AV PMG
AV F&I – Mechanical      Project Manager: Christian Venturino -
Engineering Manager                   AV PMG

                      Project Scope
Project replaces failing controls components of
Central Mechanical Plant’s heating system to
ensure continuous reliable supply of steam for
space heating and domestic hot water uses in
concourse and terminal areas.                                          Central Mechanical Plant (CMP)
Scope includes:
Boiler #2
1.   Modify Boiler #4 to allow dual-fuel (natural                                                  Boiler #4
Boiler #1
Boiler #3
gas and diesel) operation.
2.   Install new Exhaust Gas Analyzer for Boiler #4.
3.   Install new flow meters for Boilers #1-4.
4.   Upgrade control panels.
5.   Install boiler emergency shut down buttons.


                    Project Schedule
Milestone                                           Date
Final Design Complete                                  Q3 2024
Commission Authorization for Construction                 Q4 2024
Notice to Proceed                                        Q1 2025
Substantial Completion                                   Q1 2026


                     Project Budget
Cost Estimate                    Capital             Expense                Total
Original estimate              $3,406,000                   $0           $3,406,000
Current change              $1,433,000                  $0          $1,433,000
Revised estimate             $4,839,000                  $0          $4,839,000

Authorization                                            Capital        Expense            Total
Previous authorizations                                     $40,000              $0         $40,000
Current request for authorization                         $1,479,000              $0      $1,479,000
Total authorizations, including this request                 $1,519,000               $0       $1,519,000
Remaining amount to be authorized                    $3,320,000             $0      $3,320,000


                    Cone of Certainty



                   Action Requested
•  Increase the project budget for the Boiler Room Upgrades project in the amount of
– New total project budget of $4,839,000
•  Prepare design and construction bid documents for the Boiler Room Upgrades
•  Utilize Port of Seattle crews to support design and construction activities
•  Request to authorize $1,479,000
– Estimated total project cost not to exceed $4,839,000





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