10c. Presentation

T91 Cruise Shore Power Cable

Item No: _10c_supp__
Meeting date:  August 8, 2023
Terminal 91 Shore Power Extension:
Authorization to Procure
Mobile Cable Positioning Devices
Linda Springmann, Director Cruise & Maritime Marketing
Kelly Purnell, Capital Project Manager, Waterfront Project Management
CIP # C801293
WP # N10318

• Action Requested
• Project Objectives
• Sustainability
• Project Scope
• Schedule
• Project Estimate


                Action Requested
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to:
1. Proceed with entering into a contract for the procurement of
a proprietary shore power system consisting of two (2) mobile
cable positioning devices for Terminal 91, Pier 91.
Project Estimated Cost: $2,750,000
Procurement Authorization Request: $2,500,000


                  Project Objectives
•   Increase the potential number of ship
connections by leveraging newer
innovations that allow variable berthing
•   Ensuring the highest opportunity to
reach shore power without moving
gangways provides the
best optimization of our assets and
their lifespan.
•   Accelerate emissions reductions by
eliminating barriers.


               T91 Cruise Sustainability
•   In 2022:

•   Of shore power-equipped, homeport calls, 69 of 83 equipped calls
connected (83%).
•   Shore power connections in 2022 avoided 2,000 tonnes
greenhouse gas emissions.


              Century Agenda Goals
This project supports the following Port goals and action plans:
Century Agenda:
•  Responsibly Invest in the Economic Growth of the Region and All Its
•  Be the Greenest and Most Energy Efficient Port in North America
•  Be a Highly Effective Public Agency


                   Project Scope
•  Procure two (2) mobile cable
positioning devices (CPD)
•  Replace current connection
point/ jib cranes with CPDs on
east and west side of Pier 91

Existing jib crane, west berth Pier 91

                   Project Scope
•  Competition waiver contract with
Watts Marine
•  Procurement package includes:
o Design and engineering
o Delivery, installation, and
commissioning of Mobile

Mobile Cable Positioning Device (CPD)

                  Preliminary Schedule

Commission authorization for Mobile CPDs    2023 Quarter 3
Procurement of Mobile CPDs                     2023 Quarter 3
Delivery and installation of Mobile CPDs             2024 Quarter 2
In-use date                                         2024 Quarter 2


                  Project Estimate
Cost Estimate/Authorization Summary        Capital        Expense            To ta l
Current estimate                             $2,750,000              0    $2,750,000
Previous authorizations                         $250,000              0      $250,000
Current request for authorization              $2,500,000               0    $2,500,000
Total authorizations, including this             $2,750,000               0    $2,750,000
Remaining amount to be authorized                  $0            $0            $0





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