8e. Presentation

T91 Cruise Passenger Secondary Gangway

Item No: 8e_Supp
Meeting Date: August 8, 2023
Terminal 91 Cruise Passenger
Secondary Gangways
Project Authorization
Marie Ellingson, Manager, Cruise Operations and Business Development
Tim Leonard, Capital Project Manager, Waterfront Project Management
CIP # C800129
WP # U00655

            Project Authorization Request
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
procure two new cruise passenger secondary gangways for the
Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91. This authorization is for
$8,700,000 of a total estimated project cost of $9,000,000.
(CIP# C800129).


               Project Background
•  East and West T91 berths
each have a primary
passenger gangway, but ONLY
East berth currently has a
secondary gangway
•  Existing secondary gangway is
at end of service life and has
limited operational range
(non-ADA compliant) and
•  Cruise vessel sizes and
passenger operational
requirements are increasing

             Project Objectives
•   Maximize secondary
passenger gangways’
operational capacity, range,
and mobility at both T91 berths
•   Increase cruise passenger
loading safety and efficiency
•   Provide fully capable backup
gangway for both Pier 91
primary gangways
•   Improve cruise passenger
vessel embarkment and
Existing passenger secondary gangway at Pier 91 East cruise berth             disembarkment experience


               Project Scope
Replace existing aged single
secondary gangway with two new
secondary gangways at Pier 91
 Analyze and determine gangways
operational requirements
 Prepare and advertise a
gangways Request for Proposal
 Select vendor to manufacture,
deliver, and assemble new
secondary gangways at Pier 91
 Oversee vendor work and
commission installed gangways

            Procurement Risks
Risk                     Probability   Impact                       Mitigation
Required gangways manufacturing time:
Expedite RFP and gangways vendor contract execution to
ongoing global supply chain instability and
degree possible. Limit equipment features and extras to
limited availability of some
degree possible to minimize manufacturing
materials/components may add significant time
to manufacturing schedule.
Expedite RFP and gangways vendor contract execution to
Gangways cost: Ongoing global economic
degree possible to limit cost escalation due to inflation.
instability and cost inflation may result in
Limit equipment features and extras to degree possible
estimated cost escalation.
to minimize costs.
Gangways transport time: Limited number of
Maximize potential number of vendors by limiting
qualified, and US located, gangways
specialized gangways requirements where possible and
manufacturers may require long distance global
proactively advertising Request for Proposal opportunity.
transport for delivery to Terminal 91

             Project Schedule
Key Milestone Goals:
Commission project authorization                    Q3 2023
Request for Proposal advertisement                         Q3 2023
Gangways vendor contract execution                        Q1 2024
Gangways manufacturing start                             Q1 2024
Gangways in-use date (as soon as possible)                   Q1 2025


    Cost Estimate/Authorization Summary
Capital       Expense        Total
Current project estimate                        $9,000,000                 $0          $9,000,000
Previous authorizations (initial                 $300,000                 $0            $300,000
budget per POS Cruise approval)
Current request for authorization           $8,700,000                $0         $8,700,000
Total authorizations, including this           $9,000,000                 $0         $9,000,000
Remaining amount to be                           $0              $0                 $0





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