8f. Presentation

Baggage Claim 15 and 16 Replacement

Item No. 8f_supp
Meeting Date: October 24, 2023
Baggage Claim 15 & 16 Replacement Project
Construction Authorization (C801127)

October 24, 2023

              Project Purpose / Scope
•  Replace the oldest baggage claim devices 15 & 16.
•  Increase maintainability and reliability with new equipment.
•  Increase tug lane width in the bag well to improve safety during drop off.
•  Creates additional tenant lease space.

•  Design and construct replacement of baggage claims 15 & 16 flat plate devices with
updated slope plate devices.
•  Build 1000sf of flex space in the bag claim area for future tenants.

               Existing Claims Devices
• Existing claims 15 & 16
have a total of 492 linear
feet of claim frontage.
• Flat plate devices do not
allow for double stacked

                New Claim Devices
•  Slope plate design has 321 linear feet of claim frontage
•  Slope plate width is 5 feet which allows for double stacked bag storage,
increasing overall capacity

         Preliminary Construction Schedule
Event                      Date
Advertise for Construction Bids                       Q1 2024
Procure Long Lead Items                            Q2 2024
Construction Begin (Notice to Proceed)               Q4 2024
Substantial Completion (Both Claims Complete)       Q3 2025

                  Project Budget
Phase                   Cost
Design                       $3,667,000
Construction                  $10,658,000
Total                              $14,325,000

                   Project Benefits
 Replaces the oldest baggage claim devices
 Reduces maintainability and reliability issues
 Increases tug traffic safety in the bag well
 Creates more tenant lease space


Operated by the
Port of Seattle



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