8d. Presentation

Perimeter Access Gate Enhancements and Detection System

Item No.                    8d_supp
Date of Meeting             November 14, 2023
Perimeter Access & Gate Enhancements
Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Phase 2
(CIP# C801363, C800844)
International Airport

              2024 Airfield Projects Contract 3
• Request Commission authorization for the ED to:
authorize final design and preparation of construction bid documents for
the Perimeter Access & Gate Enhancement (PAGE) project
advertise, award, and execute a major public works construction contract
for PAGE and Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) Phase 2, and
transfer budget/authorization, as necessary, between the two Projects
procurement of long lead material items
include a Project Labor Agreement


          2024 Airfield Projects Contract 3 Scope
Automate three Airport Operations Area (AOA) perimeter vehicle access
gates and install access control system, cameras and lighting;
Replace three 7’ gates with 12’ gates and upgrade some outdated
equipment at the gates;
Replace perimeter fence and signage to comply with Port standards;
Install razor wire on existing perimeter fence along the north and east AOA
• PIDS Phase 2
Install access control system to two AOA perimeter gates so that personnel
accessing the AOA area can be identified.

           2024 Airfield Projects Schedule
Construction Contract #                     Contract #3
Commission design & construction         2023 Quarter 4
Construction start                           2024 Quarter 3
In-use date                                 2024 Quarter 4


            2023 Airfield Projects Budget
Cost Breakdown                              This Request             Total Project
Perimeter Access and Gate Automation (C801363)
Design                                                      $669,000               $953,000
Construction                                                 $2,447,000              $2,447,000
Subtotal                $3,116,000              $3,400,000
Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (C800844)
Design                                                            $0             $3,025,000
Construction                                                   $700,000             $23,044,000
Technology                                                        $0             $8,145,000
Subtotal                  $700,000             $34,214,000
Total                                                                 $3,816,000               $37,614,000



Operated by the
Port of Seattle




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