8f. Presentation

Tyee Pond Effluent Pipe Replacement

Item No.        8f_supp
Date of Meeting   November 14, 2023

Tyee Pond Effluent Pipe Replacement
Project Authorization

          Tyee Pond Effluent Pipe Replacement
Request Commission Authorization for Executive Director to:
• Advertise, award, and execute a major public works
construction contract for the Tyee Pond Effluent Pipe
Replacement project


               Project Purpose and Scope
To replace the failing Tyee Pond effluent pipe and ensure that the
Tyee Pond embankment is structurally sound as required by
Department of Ecology Dam Permit
• Replacement of 414 linear feet of 72-inch diameter pipe
• Installation of two manholes to provide energy dissipation and
elevation drop

                  Project Location


           Project Budget and Schedule
Project Budget:                       Project Schedule:
•  Previous Budget  $2,540,000        •  Construction Start Q2 2024
•  Revised Budget   $2,900,000        •  Substantial Completion Q3 2024
Budget increase due to
environmental permitting
regulatory requirements


                 Cone of Certainty

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